These six epictetus quotes will change the way you see life

These six epictetus quotes will change the way you see life

“It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it.” – Epictetus

In creating your best life, expecting the situation in your life to be perfect is never wise, it is to overcome all the challenges and develop the personality needed to prosper. Life happens. The challenge welcomes all of us, and so the difference in quality of life we ​​guide lies in our response.

But you respond to life challenges and determine the quality of your life. Even if you choose to see the world around you, it will be reflected in you.

Do you see life through an optimistic lens or through a pessimistic lens?

When life gets tougher … when a challenge comes … do you stand up, complain, curse, and stop?

The personality and strength developed by refusing to quit when things get difficult is valuable. Remember, it doesn’t matter what happens, Only how you react to what happened is important..

“We have two ears and one mouth … so that we can hear twice as much as we speak.” – Epictetus

Most of us live this way. I talk too much and listen too much. We want to be seen knowing everything, so when we don’t know we express our opinion … and we don’t listen so we don’t know.

We all want to hear, but few listen to others.

The next time you talk to someone, especially someone you care about, practice listening intentionally. I’m just going to listen and understand, not wait for your turn to speak. Be present. Listen more.

“There is only one way to happiness, and that is to stop worrying about being beyond the power of our will.” – Epictetus

Trying to change what we can’t handle is often called madness.

We accept everything that cannot be changed and strive to change everything that can be changed. Relieve resistance and stress of everything outside your control. That energy used to fight what is should be used for something more positive, such as improving other areas of your life that you can control.

There can be no happiness for those who are fighting life.

“Wealth is not about having big fortune, but about having little desire.”

“He’s a wise man, he’s not sad about what he doesn’t have, but he’s happy about what he has.” – Epictetus

Thanks. The greatest power on earth. You are perfect when you live in it. When you live without it, no matter how much you have, you are never enough. The rich are the ones who are happy with everything they have, no matter how much they have … and usually they are the ones who attract more to thank.

If you haven’t done so already, thank you for your daily practice. All the great things in your life … everything that really enriches you … think about everything you can’t afford to spend a little time every day.

“No one is free if he is not his master.” – Epictetus

No matter how much wealth you have accumulated or how much you own, if you do not Master of your heart, You can’t be free.

There is nothing more important than mastering your mind and mastering your emotions. Over the years, there have been countless stories of millionaires, millionaires, and those who seem to have everything … they’ve finished their lives … they’re a lot I have accumulated the material wealth of, but I didn’t feel the richness inside … and that’s it, the wealth always has to start from the inside.

Society is going backwards … When so many “winners” who are emotionally empty live, they put material success and win on the pedestal. Focus on your mental and physical health first, and everything else falls into place.

“First tell yourself what will happen to you, and do what you have to do.” – Epictetus

Have that conversation with yourself. First, ask exactly what you want to experience in your life. Everything you need to have.Then get ready Work for, make sacrifices, and earn What you need to have.

If you really want it, it won’t feel like a job, you do the job, you spend time, you make a sacrifice, but you are willing to do it without resistance Do-because the results are more important than the time it takes to get there and the fact that you have to give up before you get there. Embark on that journey. Find what you really want … and get it.

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