These upgrades will make your home instantly eco-friendly

Your home is where you feel safest and most comfortable. It’s your own sanctuary. Large investments and purchases like homes require maintenance and regular maintenance to ensure that everything is in good condition.

Whether you’re eliminating disposable plastics or choosing a reusable cotton round, if you’re taking steps to reduce your environmental impact, you can go one step further and turn your home into a green space. I can do it.

Building an environmentally friendly home brings many benefits to the environment and yourself (for example, increasing the resale value of your property, reducing long-term maintenance, and reducing rent). With the wealth of resources you can find online, it’s easier than ever to create an more efficient and eco-friendly home.

If you are planning to embark on this sustainable home journey, we will cover you. Below are some cost-effective tips for an eco-friendly home that will upgrade your space instantly. Let’s dive into it!

Consider buying a second hand item

Saving energy and water is not the only environmentally friendly way. Buying used home items instead of new ones is also a great way to save the planet.

The new product uses unused materials and consumes more energy to build. In addition, it ensures that second-hand goods and second-hand goods are not dumped in landfills. You can also ask your relatives and friends to let you know if you want to change the furniture to see if you can give it to you instead of throwing it away.

Catch rainwater for gardening

If you have a home yard and lawn, you will probably agree that your water bill wouldn’t be too high if you didn’t have it. The plants need regular watering. Therefore, it is necessary to use a large amount of water to keep the plants alive. Thankfully, collecting rainwater solves this predicament.

You can get rainwater barrels to harvest water. When it’s going to rain, remove it and use the collected water for your garden or lawn. Not only does this help save water and reduce billing, but it also makes the plants happy.

Invest in solar panels

Make your home environmentally friendly with solar panels

One of the best ways to make your home eco-friendly is to use renewable energy like solar power through solar panel technology. In a nutshell, this technology captures sunlight and converts it into electricity.

Solar energy is free, except for the installation and purchase of solar panels. The initial cost of installing solar panels is high, but you can save a lot of electricity in the long run, especially if you trust 100%.

Choose an eco-friendly appliance

If you have the money and think it’s time, replace your old appliances with eco-friendly upgrades. Choosing energy-saving equipment may seem like a costly move, but it makes more economic sense over time.

Energy-efficient appliances operate and behave like standard models, but consume less energy. This environmentally friendly change can reduce carbon dioxide emissions while saving you a lot of money.

Replace regular bulbs with LED bulbs

It’s as easy as switching a light bulb to an LED light bulb, and it makes a big difference to the green house you’re creating. LED bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs, so using energy-efficient bulbs uses less power and is replaced less frequently. Talk about saving more money while saving Mother Earth.

Plant your own herbs

Make your home environmentally friendly by planting herbs

Growing your own herbs is worth a try, whether you already have a garden or not. Herbs do not take up much space and can survive in small pots. It can be placed inside the house through a sunny window, which requires relatively little maintenance.

This allows you to make your favorite dishes more delicious with fresh herbs. It also smells like heaven, so it’s a big plus if you want to grow it in your house.

Get Recycle Bin and Compost Box

This upgrade isn’t too expensive and if you’ve been switching to a sustainable lifestyle for a long time, you’re probably already recycling. Recycling glass bottles, paper, bottles and other household items prevents them from being added to the landfill. You can reuse the bottle for breeding, reuse the bottle as a container, or turn the paper into wrapping paper.

Compost bottles, on the other hand, can be used to remove leftovers and turn them into plant fertilizers. You can find compost bottles designed to be neatly odorless. It’s a great way to reduce household waste.


By transforming your home into a more environmentally friendly space, no matter how big or small, your contribution will bring dramatic changes to the environment and make the world a better place for future generations. Imagine there are hundreds of people like you who have the same idea. Small upgrades, such as using rainwater to water plants, have already made a big difference to the environment.

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Author: Enrique Holmiro

Enrique Hormillo is a Business Development Executive at Solar NRG Philippines. Its parent company, Solar NRG Netherlands, is one of the largest suppliers and installers of PV systems in Europe. Enrique’s experience also works as a marketing director for motorsport stores, further enhancing his business insight as well as business development.


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