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“This is the season for gifts and games. After a year we all spent, I think people want a good end to December. Various for that special person (or of course yourself). We’ve put together a gift idea. There are also some special discount codes available to The Sixth Axis readers.


Mario is no longer just an icon of the game, as it was immortalized in the form of bricks by Lego. This isn’t a regular Lego set, but a large block of Mario is going through a series of courses that you can combine to create huge Lego levels. The starter kit includes additional costumes and additional sections for Mario and everything you need to get started. It’s not the cheapest toy out there because it’s Lego, but given that it’s virtually unbroken, you can probably see it as an investment for your kids, and their kids.

JBL Quantum 800

If you’re serious about games, you should consider getting a headset. The JBL Quantum 800 is one of the latest headsets we’ve reviewed and jumped to the top of the pack thanks to the fact that it can be used with almost anything designed to make a sound. .. Still, the RRP is a £ 179.99 premium set, but if you need one of the best headsets on the market, you can expect to pay for it. It can be included in the same breath as the sacred Astro A50 and is worth considering that it will be nearly £ 100 cheaper.

DualSense & Xbox Series X | S Controller

You may be lucky enough to have (or know who owns) the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, but as you know, these new game consoles have a game controller. Only one is included. If you want to get some co-op games this Christmas, it’s not so good!

Getting an additional DualSense for your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X | S controller (or backward compatibility makes it a little cheaper Xbox One controller or a much more sophisticated Xbox Elite 2!) To help ease the debate. .. Unless you’re playing Overcooked, it’s …

Mario Kart Live

Given that Mario Kart is one of the best ever created by Nintendo, it’s amazing to realize that Mario Kart Live-the fusion of the real world and digital kart play-is such a joy. Is not. Not Cheap-Returns to £ 99.99 in a Cart-But if you have the money and space, the illegal joy you should know better from both real and tall kids on Christmas morning. You will hear the cry of.

Gunnar Gaming Glasses

Is Gaming Glass the Future? Gunnar certainly thinks so, and since he was able to test the Intercept glasses, he can report that it helps keep his eyes from wilting under the glare of the blue light that shines through his cell phone or laptop every day. Tablets, monitors, huge TV screens. Gunnar offers a variety of options, a wide format lens that creates an unobstructed panoramic high-resolution field of view, a durable 3-barrel hinge design, high-strength steel construction, and a comfortable curved nose rest for uniform weight distribution. Features a silicon hard-coated lens to eliminate pressure points and prevent scratches if you are not paying the most attention to the gamer.

Thrustmaster Warthog

This year was a great year for Flight Sim. If you’re playing with a controller or keyboard and mouse, whether you’ve taken a more serious route in Microsoft Flight Simulator or headed to a galaxy far away from Star Wars Squadron. , You are missing Thrustmaster is the champion of the Flight Stick Arena and has accessible T.16000 sticks that can be found at Space Sim Duo, but Warthog is the pinnacle of their HOTAS setup. It can be hard to find (like many of this Christmas’s), but if you can get it, you won’t get rid of them for years to come.

Oculus Quest 2

There are two obvious candidates for the next-generation console list (both will be hard to find this month), but don’t forget the latest wire-free VR headset, the Oculus Quest 2. Lighter weight, improved screens, and more power improve the original quest in almost every way and bring you to the VR world in a more compelling way than ever before. The best thing? It’s quickly cheaper than its predecessor, starting at £ 299.99, and has a great game library that’s instantly immersive. Our top picks include Beat Saber, Pistol Whip and Superhot VR.

Garmin Instinct Esports Edition Smartwatch

Want to be a healthier gamer? Or do you want to add something specific to the stream? Garmin Instinct Esports Edition is aimed at streamers and esports athletes and can broadcast stress levels and heart rate to viewers via STR3AMUP. App. You can also use activity profiles to monitor performance over time. Being a smartwatch, it performs all the sporty features you can expect, can monitor over 30 activities, and boasts one of the most impressive battery life ever. It lasts for several days at a time before reaching for the charging cable.

GXT 488 Forze Gaming Headset

With a camouflage design (also available in black and blue camouflage), a glossy PlayStation logo on the can, and a folding mic, the GXT 488 Forze breaks into the unpleasant and over-designed areas of other headsets. It looks pretty good without it. Beyond that, they are quite heavy, not heavy enough to be uncomfortable for long periods of time, but not light enough to feel cheesy. There are plenty of pads around your ears and to protect your head. It also comes with a braided cable with in-line volume control / mic mute toggle and a standard 3.5mm jack, so you can connect it to almost anything except your cell phone for the last two years. They are also great entry level headsets and come in between £ 30 and £ 40 depending on where you look.

Creative Outlier Air V2

As we saw on the Instinct Esports Edition watch and Nintendo’s Ring Fit, we’re trying to throw away the image of an unhealthy gamer. Sure, at best, you can play the game late. Is it even longer? Creative’s Outlier Air is a wireless bluetooth earphone by one of the game’s best audio specialists. Designed to be sweat-resistant, light and won’t fall off, it’s perfect for running or traveling to the gym. It doesn’t matter how long you stay on the treadmill. We’ve also released V2 editions and touch controls with improved battery life.Enter your discount code to get 20% off Outlier Air V2 At check-out.

E-Win European Champion Series Gaming Chair

If you are in front of the screen all day, you need to take care of yourself, and a decent chair is a perfect start. The eWin Europe Champion Series is a solid choice for anyone looking for a long-term solution for working from home or looking for a more comfortable option while playing games. It’s just below the suggested retail price of £ 350, but not cheap, but the investment gives you an adaptive chair that provides comfort over and over again when you need it most. We were impressed around it. E-Win also provided The SixthAxis reader with 20% off code. Just type it in. 20 At check-out.

Games & watches

There seem to be a lot of Nintendo products here this year, but it’s probably a clear example of how good Japanese companies are at turning franchises into desirable Christmas gifts. The latest Game & Watch is Super Mario Bros. Edition, which boasts a full-color screen and houses Super Mario Bros.’s original 8-bit NES rendition and Super Mario Bros. – The Lost Levels and Ball, the original Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. I am. Watch the game. This is a pure nostalgic journey, and for gamers of a certain age, it’s a great way to illuminate Christmas day, even if you swear it was bigger before.

Google Stadia

Listen to me now. Stadia didn’t have the best launch last year. It took a while to get it up and running, but Google’s entry into the gaming space is finally gaining momentum, including the amazing rendition of Cyberpunk 2077. For everyone, you need a good internet connection for one reason, but if you want to play the latest games but don’t have the money for a new console or PC, Stadia is for you. New customers now can get the Cyberpunk 2077 bundled with controller and Chromecast Ultra for £ 40 and £ 10 off. If you want an instant gaming experience that doesn’t require a console or download, Stadia is your platform.

Snake bite charger

New console? To keep your controller in top condition, you’ll need a series of new chargers. Everyone knows that the bundled controller cable is very easy to use, but Xbox gamers are looking for AA batteries in the kitchen during combat. Snakebyte is covered by a PS5-aping dual charger, but the Xbox Series X | S Battery Pack comes in two packs so you can get one whenever you need it.

video game!

Buying games for friends and family is always tricky, but there are some absolute crackers that came out in 2020. something You know that they don’t own and may like it.

  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales – PS4 and PS5
  • Star Wars squadron – PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX | S, PC
  • Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster – NSW
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons – NSW
  • Demon’s Soul – PS5
  • Planet Coaster: Console Edition – PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX | S
  • Last of Us Part II – PS4
  • Immortal phoenix sizing – PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX | S, NSW, PC, Stadia
  • Ghost of Tsushima – PS4
  • Cyberpunk 2077 – PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX | S, PC, Stadia
  • Gear tactics – XBO, XSX | S, PC
  • Sackboy: Great Adventure – PS4 and PS5
  • Super Mario 3D All-Star Review – NSW
  • Dirt 5 – PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX | S, PC
  • Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about time – PS4, XBO


Of course, whether it’s the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store Nintendo eShop, or the retailer of your choice, you can always avoid the pitfall of buying the wrong game by buying a voucher that the donor deems appropriate. ..


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