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NS Brooklyn Nets The organization is currently uncertain about the level of availability of Kyrie Irving, the superstar’s point guard. ESPN’s Adrian Voinaroski On October 5, the organization stated that Irving had lost hope of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine before the start of the regular season on October 19.

If Irving refuses to be vaccinated before October 19, he is looking at the possibility of playing. 2021-22 36 games in the campaign.. Players must be vaccinated to play in certain areas of New York and California (Los Angeles and San Francisco).

Brooklyn Nets is in an impossible situation. This is why they have little leverage in the Kyrie Irving situation.

Media members say the organization should consider moving him at some point during the season, as Irving is currently refusing to vaccinate. For example, in a roundtable meeting Athletic John Hollinger ($$$) Trade said Brooklyn should explore if Killy doesn’t want to be vaccinated.

Unfortunately, Irving’s deal is an unrealistic offer at this time due to his relationship with the team’s best player, Kevin Durant.Durant His podcast He said he had a relationship with Irving thanks to a mutual friend at Nike.

A mutual friend, marketing executive Jeff Rodgers, decided to put them together in a text message thread before the first expert meeting during the 2011-2012 season. After that first encounter, both players kept in touch, but their relationship did not blossom until the 2016 Olympics, when they were teammates in Team USA.

The Olympics gave them the opportunity to speak basketball every day for two weeks. When the Olympics culminated, they continued to talk about basketball strategies every day. Durant, for example, asked Irving how his spirit would change after his former coach Brad Stevens took him out in the sixth minute of the first quarter. Answers to these questions will give Durant a different perspective on how to approach the game mentally.

Through these conversations, Durant and Irving realized that they needed to play together at some point in their career. They started a conversation about potential unions during the 2018-19 season.

They concluded that they should team up during the 2019 All-Star Game in Charlotte, but didn’t know where. Irving was able to persuade Durant to go to his childhood team, Brooklyn. Durant was on board when Brooklyn was the second team in the town of the New York Knicks and gave him the chance to be in a big city without getting media attention.

When both players signed to Brooklyn Nets, they said Nets would be their last team. They still seem to feel that way, as Irving’s agents told other teams that he would retire if he was traded. Irving has also received full Durant support as he reportedly rejected the idea of ​​exchanging Irving with Ben Simmons.

Things can get even worse for Brooklyn Nets

As a result, if Brooklyn trades with Irving, it will be a defeat situation for them, as they are likely to get fewer trading packages for him due to the threat of his retirement. More importantly, they will run the risk of offending Durant because of their close bond with Irving. If a team offends Durant, he can demand a deal with another team a year from now and force Brooklyn to rebuild.

Unfortunately, in January, Brooklyn weakened Draft Topic’s capital by exchanging three first-round draft topics and four first-round pick swaps in a deal with James Harden. As a result, they will have to return to the 2016 rebuilding, where they will acquire depressed young assets and draft topics in exchange for bad contracts.

For example, the Lakers wanted to remove Timofe Mosgoff’s $ 48 million from their books in 2017 in preparation for the arrival of LeBron James in 2018. Brooklyn was willing to accept Mosgoff’s contract as long as the property was traded.

The Lakers agreed to Brooklyn’s request because they included D’Angelo Russell in the deal. Russell lost his favor to the Lakers because of his immaturity during the Nick Young case.

Therefore, Brooklyn Nets must expect Irving to change his mind about vaccination at some point during the season. If not, they have no choice but to accept Irving with his limited availability to avoid potential collateral damage.

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They are in Kyrie Irving’s complete and complete mercy They are in Kyrie Irving’s complete and complete mercy

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