They brought back the Destiny Loot Cave, but not the loot.

Hello darkness my old friend ...

Hello darkness my old friend …
screenshot: Bungee / Kotaku

FateThe Prodigal Cave is back and it doesn’t make much sense.

In 2014 Destiny 1 The booty cave that was first launched was open to everyone. Bungy has invested millions of dollars over the years in creating vast shared-world sci-fi games. All all they wanted to do was point their guns at a dark cave where enemies were constantly emerging and triggering for hours. (One Bungie developer pointed out At the game developer meeting the following year Loot caves weren’t even a very efficient way to grind looted goods).

Now it’s back.Bungy added most of the cosmodrome to Destiny 2 As part of Today’s Beyond the light Expansion Loot cave minus loot. Instead, all that’s inside is the burnt wreckage of the fallen hive that Bungee first placed there after weakening the loot cave. If you disturb them, you will hear the voice of another world again.One million deaths are not enough for Master Raoul.. ”

The original Easter egg remains, but it’s not what some players wanted. “The D1 Skywatch Loot Cave will be a spectacular lost sector,” wrote one player. In the game subreddit.. “Or, a dungeon for a nostalgic purpose or something a little throwback. Maybe I have a chest to drop the green engram.”

What about invisible breasts that drop invisible engrams instead?

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