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They said, “i Luv My Trucker” is so good that we are buying lunch for their drivers

A few weeks ago, we opened the door to the annual “i Luv My Trucker” reader participation event.

And we were flooded with submissions from many people and taught us why truck drivers in their lives deserve their love.

As promised, we have selected five submissions that have risen to the top of the loving field. We are buying lunch for each of those truck drivers mentioned by their affectionate ones. We will send each driver a $ 25 subway gift card. We hope you enjoy your meal when you stop by during your trip.

This is what was said about the five winners:

G. Davenport said of his fiancé Alford Taylor, the driver of Schneider’s company: “Alford works hard every week driving West 11 to feed his family. He leaves his family to make sure someone else’s family has food at the table. At the expense of time. He is very diligent and devoted to his former profession. When he was only dreaming of achieving, he handles all obstacles gracefully, not without challenges. He puts the needs of others first and takes pride in reaching out to help as much as possible at all times. Whether it helps new drivers or not, ensures that deliveries are on time. There is extra time just to give or to the homeless. Alford’s efforts and selflessness should be praised. “

Alik jpeg 1 6140d4f45dac5Elana Prasolov writes about her husband, Alizhon Prasolov, who drives ALP Transportation LLC: “I love truck drivers. He is responsible, diligent, punctual and fixes most problems with trucks and trailers, thus saving on services and towing costs. He knows how to use ELD. He’s almost independent and doesn’t ask for help when looking for parking lots or shops. He’s working hard to support a family of five. Family. He is selfless and always looking for the benefit of others. We always pray for him while he is on the road. He is another semi within the last year He hit him despite being involved in two semi-truck accidents. He is back on the road and is not afraid of bad weather or other irresponsible drivers driving on the road. “

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Kristy Bandzak said of his mother, Karen Bandzak, who is driving JP2 Logging: “She is very diligent and my inspiration ❤ She has made many sacrifices to maximize me and my sister. She started this wonderful career and we are small Sometimes I chose to get a CDL. A better life. She goes to the woods before dawn, loads her luggage, goes to the mill, and sometimes she doesn’t go home until it gets dark or later. Hmm. She is a wonderful mom and my 3 year old daughter. I am very lucky and lucky to have her as my mom and my baby’s grandmother 🙏🙏 “

8d38c1e04fcc4a62809493b03d4879db jpeg 1 6140e384e3354Terry Isbell writes about her husband, Larry Isbell, who owns / operates XPO: “My husband and I have been teaming together for 14 years. We live on our truck. If you live on the truck and can love each other, you’re great Got (and boy, I!) This guy has my back how much he always loves me, and that I’m the best thing that has happened to him Talk to the listener. I think the same about him. He is the most affectionate and giver. I am the luckiest. I live only to share my life with him. woman.”

20210903 221642 1 6140dfbaa60bdThelma Sanders writes about her husband, Demond Roberts, who is the owner / operator of BW Mitchum: “I love trackers, but I respect, respect, and love trackers again. Demond is not only a professional owner / operator, but also a great father and stepfather of his children. Demond is the type of man who rests for a week. I really God gave it to me for the job of making sure he was at home to take my stepfather to Missouri for a freshman in college. I respect you, love you, and I am very proud of you. Demond, I love you. “

They said, “i Luv My Trucker” is so good that we are buying lunch for their drivers They said, “i Luv My Trucker” is so good that we are buying lunch for their drivers

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