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Armon Watts

The Minnesota Vikings are 5-5 and have a 59% chance of reaching the postseason. According to If Minnesota brings the San Francisco 49ers down on the road in the 12th week, the odds increase to 82%. If they lose in Santa Clara, the percentage drops to 43%. These are forecast interests.

It’s also Thanksgiving, so let’s check out some Viking items that are probably not commonly mentioned and should be appreciated in 2021.

Armon Watts

August 27, 2021; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Minnesota Viking’s Defensive Tackle is Armon Watts. Required Credits: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The contract is as follows: The Viking defensive tackle Armon Watts had a relatively decent season in 2020, but no one cares because defensive was so scary overall compared to Zimeria’s gold standard.

Watt played even better in 2021 and achieved 2020 results Pro football focus This year it will be from 60.7 to 67.5. He is used as a small nose guard in the absence of Michael Pearce (elbow) and it is fully functional. Watt has emerged as a good alternative to piercings, not just a “serviceable body”. He is making a play and trying to rescue the Vikings.

Now he will see more action for the foreseeable future. The entire Viking defensive line at the start is out for the 49ers this weekend. Danielle Hunter tore his chest on Halloween, the aforementioned piercings have bad elbows, Dalvin Tomlinson is in close contact with COVID, and Everson Griffen is being treated for mental health.

Watt is anti-Shamal Stefan and you should be grateful for it.

Close the game

October 17, 2021; Charlotte, NC, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver KJ Osborne. Required Credits: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, that’s true. That’s really true.

Close-knit games are crazy about you weekly. understood. But they are building their personality. All Viking matches are up close and are a way to cuticle your nails every Sunday afternoon.

In addition, Minnesota’s 11-week schedule has a lot of opposition from the playoff team. Therefore, if the Vikings hit the waltz in the postseason, the sons of these guns will be combat tested. For better or for worse, Mike Zimmer’s game-like spirit is clearly defined. He knows close combat, his team knows close combat, and Viking fans are exposed to the squeaks of penetration.

Sure, winning a punk will be pink — Lions, Bears, who? — But the roller coaster game has a purpose. No team is formidable enough to scare the Vikings. Fans know that the match against Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers is pre-determined to gradually drop their final possessions.

These are the 2021 Vikings — Tight Game Merchant. The playoffs are a forum for one-score games, so Zimmer’s subordinates are ready.

Greg Joseph

November 21, 2021; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Greg Joseph, the kicker of the Minnesota Vikings. Required Credits: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to the kicker who missed a solid game winner in the second week. When Close the game? What’s happening here?

Now, Joseph dropped dung in the desert two months ago, but has anyone ever seen the Viking kicker collapse?The good news is that Joseph has removed that nonsense from his system for four months. Previous play off. He probably doesn’t want that sadness to be associated with his name again.

Aside from the Cardinals blunder, Joseph showed range, drilled some field goals over 50 yards, and finished the match between Lions and the Packers. The man is a clutch, even though he experienced purple growth pain.

In addition, Mike Zimmer, who is impatient and notorious about kickers, believes in Joseph. That’s important. Joseph isn’t an all-pro, but he’s certainly better than the 2020 version of Dan Bailey, and he’s won viking games here and there.

South Africa is a semi-reliable kicker. And the hyphenated adjectives fit the criteria for a Viking kick. Hell, he’s probably asked to hit a clutch kick this Sunday.

Dustin Baker is a political scientist who graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2007.Hello Host a podcast Broadcast every Wednesday with Brian McKinney Round saw When Minneapolis Sally.. His Viking fandom dates back to 1996. The guilty joys listed: peanut butter ice cream, “The Sopranos”, and The Doors (band).

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Things to thank for 2021 Unsung Vikings Things to thank for 2021 Unsung Vikings

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