Third-party Stadia app back on iOS

update: Third-party Stadia app, Stadium, I’m back in the iOS App Store.

Developer Zach Knox has updated the app to version 1.2, bypassing the API that previously caused the problem. Go to the developer’s blog and run the app on the controller of your choice. However, it’s easier to use a Stadia controller than a Bluetooth-enabled controller.

Download from here Stadium..

Original [22 October]: StadiumThird-party apps created by Zachary Knox, which allows the use of Google Stadia on iOS devices, will soon be removed from the App Store.

Knox wrote StadiumDiscord server:

I have bad news. But before that, if you want to use the Stadium App Store release, download it now.

Knox explained: Stadium It uses an iOS API called a “game controller”. This enables native support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers via Bluetooth. Stadium Is hooked into its API via a web browser and allows Stadia streaming through those controllers along with Google’s Stadia controllers.

Earlier this week, Knox warned that the app would be removed because Apple was “not compliant” with the policy, and confirmed that it “extended” the controller API beyond Apple’s guidelines.

Knox also confirmed that he was working in the following ways: Stadium It can be used without API hooks.

A similar approach is being worked on by Microsoft trying to add Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming support to iOS via a web browser. It’s still unclear how Microsoft will achieve this.

The stadium is still available on the App Store, but it’s unclear how long it will last.

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