This $ 100 Pokeball Replica should definitely not be thrown at your pet

Next year marks the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, and arriving just in time for Pokemon Day on February 27th is a $ 100 replica of the franchise’s iconic Pokeball.

The Wand Company’s collection features a detailed metal shell and glossy paint work, as well as interactive features such as glowing buttons and animated multicolor case lighting that light up when a proximity sensor detects your presence. I have.

You can also click the replica button to create your own Pokemon catch sequence. With two clicks, the light color changes from white to red and then green, indicating a successful capture. Each pocket ball is individually numbered and can be attached to a stainless steel display ring.

Do not throw this at the cat.


It looks like a heavy device for catching Pokemon, but the Pokeball weighs less than a pound. The Wand Company recommends avoiding the urge to throw at animals and people. Doing so can damage the collector’s display piece and cause someone to “injure” it.

It’s the first of many Poke Ball replicas planned by The Wand Company, and Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Premier Balls will also be released in 2021. If you want to get your own Poke Ball, pre-orders start today.

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