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This 5G stock will skyrocket in 2021

Secular growth trends are all these days. Among Canada’s most popular long-term trends today, 5G technology is one of the top trends that investors should pay attention to right now.

In this context, I’m going to discuss why I think Rogers Communications (TSX: RCI.B)(NYSE: RCI) The best way to play 5G right now.

Rapid and effective deployment

Rogers Auspicious start About competition in terms of 5G deployment. The company’s partnership with Ericsson has allowed Rogers to lead the way in building the infrastructure and delivering the best possible service to the customer base.

This lead may seem insignificant at this point, given how new 5G is at the moment. However, capital investment in this sector will be an important focus for investors. I think Rogers has an advantage in this regard. Unlike some competitors, Rogers can cover most of its rollouts with existing cash flow from its business. If you need more debt, there is no better time to raise money now than in this environment. This is a big win for investors in capital-intensive companies like Rogers.

Ability to spend huge positives on behalf of investors

Rogers has a good growth plan for long-term investors, and I think investors should pay attention to this. Capital investment in the telecommunications sector will be enormous in the coming years. Companies that can optimally allocate resources can win the hearts of 5G users. Today, Rogers is ahead and is in control of this important growth segment of the market.

Rogers has a huge number of resources to achieve this deployment faster than its competitors. With its huge cash flow and integrated business model, Rogers expects to outperform its competitors in 2021. Therefore, this stock should provide investors with better returns than the market.


Within a few years, only 5G will be important to telecommunications investors. The 5G experience is exponentially better than what previously existed. With the majority of consumers gaining access to 5G soon this year, telecommunications around the world will continue to compete for market share. Therefore, the current market share lead is a large transaction as it paves the way for a growth trajectory that will bring significant returns to investors in the long run.

The integrated nature of the company’s business model makes the stock a leading candidate for the entire pandemic. For example, the company’s sports business plummeted due to a pandemic, but should see a significant increase in 2021 with a return to “quasi-normal” in the field of professional sports.

These other strains have great long-term trends that support their success as well. Check them out!

Motley Fool Canada Creates 5G Purchase Alert

5G has been one of the greatest arrivals of technology since the birth of the Internet. In 2020, we saw many opportunities to build new wealth that could diminish earlier wealth.

5G, as we know it, has the potential to radically change our lives and societies, but for investors, the impact is even greater and potentially much more lucrative. Let’s do it.

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Stupid contributor Chris Macdonald There are no positions in any of the listed stocks. Motley Fool is ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. CLBNV is recommended.

This 5G stock will skyrocket in 2021 This 5G stock will skyrocket in 2021

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