This $ 79 antivirus program uses AI to prevent attacks before they know they exist.

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The cybersecurity outlook is constantly evolving.Around 230,000 malware samples It is produced daily and its number is only increasing. In fact, the global cost of malware is expected to come at an economic cost. $ 6 trillion Traditional cybersecurity measures cannot respond to increasing threats.

That’s where artificial intelligence and machine learning come in. Modern machine learning algorithms can better prepare for the latest virus and malware attacks. If you’re looking for a modern solution to a problem as old as the Internet itself, you can get a lifetime subscription to Cylance Smart Antivirus for a one-time payment of $ 79.

Cylance is a smart antivirus program that uses AI and machine learning to proactively prevent cyber attacks before a device becomes infected. With AI, Cylance can predict attacks from both known and unprecedented threats. This means you don’t have to wait for security patches while you’re afraid of an attack.

In addition, Cylance consumes very little resources, so you won’t notice any impact on your computer or network. Just set it and forget about it. Cylance works directly from your device, so you get comprehensive threat protection even if your network goes down. Don’t just believe in our words.Cylance holds user ratings for 4.6 out of 5 stars With Capterra, PCMag “If you want to participate in the cutting-edge AI revolution,” Cylance is for you.

Keeping your device safe and malware-free is always a concern for Internet users. With the rise of cyberattacks, this is no longer true. Modern problems require the latest solutions, and Cylance has the technology needed to compete with the latest threats before they know they exist. readers can get a lifetime subscription to Cylance Smart Antivirus for just $ 79 today.


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