This Arveiaturace miniature is one of the biggest dragons ever made

At some point, we have to stop calling them miniatures. This is largely due to WizKids in recent years, as the company continues to release huge numbers of major creatures from TTPRG systems such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Currently, WizKids plans to release the ancient white dragon Arveiaturace from the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons, the largest dragon miniature ever.

The “miniature” itself meets the demands of an ancient white dragon of huge size. Arveiaturace is absolutely huge, even by the standards set in other big dragon miniatures. With a height of 7.5 inches, a nose-to-tail length of 16 and a half inches, and an overwhelming 17-inch wingspan, she is the largest dragon WizKids has ever created. She will be released in January 2021, but can be pre-ordered at the WizKids Store, Amazon, and your local game store for $ 100.

On the table, this person dominates the landscape, and it’s shocking how big this ancient white dragon looks when it rises above the player character’s medium-sized miniature on a standard 1-inch base. .. And when it’s not on the table, it’s an exhibit item that’s likely to be one of the highlights of any miniature collection. In the slideshow below you can see a picture of all its hugeness.

Arveiaturace-Gargantuan White Dragon Gallery

Check out the gallery of the giant ancient white dragon Arveiaturace miniatures.

The model’s sculpt is depicted in great detail in a crouched position, with wings sweeping forward and sideways in an unusual and refreshing way, rather than pinning or frilling. In other words, it can actually fit on a standard shelf. Thank you. And since this pose is the most animal of all chromatic dragons, it is aggressive and beastly in the way that white dragons do justice. It really helps to sell intimidating profiles of creatures that are supposed to be a deadly threat.

The painting work is nice and pretty clean, but most of the figure is flat light gray, so pinkish mouth, icy blue eyes, light shades of dark gray nails and the outside of the nails thrive. However, there are not many color variations. However, this can be intentional as the model is very detailed and contains a large amount of texture between the scale, coarse skin, wing membranes, and jagged spikes on the back and tail. There is. Veins, creases and wrinkles can be seen throughout. This makes the shadows very clean and gives the model an interesting depth and age. Overall, it was a great build and the sculptor really won with this.

In terms of modifiable elements, the dragon is fully assembled, but the tail slides firmly into the cavity with little effort. But the most eye-catching part of the miniature is the rider mounted on a removable saddle that sits just north of the shoulder blades. It always sticks out in light gray. This rider has narrative and lore elements, but I’ll paste them down with a spoiler warning, so if you’re worried about that, you’re not going to get into it.

The model is very detailed, with a large amount of texture between scales, skin, wing membranes, jagged spikes, and whole veins, creases, and wrinkles.


The removable saddle and rider feel very nice, and apart from the size and scale, it sets it apart from other dragon miniatures, making it a unique character rather than an impressive dragon. The medium rider is very detailed in hard plastic and the saddle is adorned with numerous buckles and fake metal decorations with soft plastic straps that loop around the dragon’s neck and front legs. The presentation is great, and I admit that I haven’t thought about how the dragon saddle actually works, but this seems pretty realistic.

The only small issue I could potentially see is the strap fasteners that secure the straps to the harness. There are three plastic pegs that slide into the holes in the saddle. When I pulled it apart for the first time, the peg on my left foot was easy to come off, and the peg on the center harness was a little difficult, but I had to pull the fastener on my right foot a little. I think these pegs can be easily put in and taken out with repeated use, but I was a little worried about the integrity of the straps when I increased the force when pulling the straps. Still, it’s broken up and back, so I may be overly cautious, but that’s something to keep in mind.

Finally, the model base is a really interesting approach. I find it difficult to scale these models because the size of the base needs to support the sculpt weight distribution, but it also helps to show the intended size of the creatures on the table. Basically, the base size is really important from a gaming point of view. In this case, the huge sized ancient dragon must have a 4-inch base to keep it in line with D & D sizing rules. So what if you need a huge model for a huge size creature? Make the oversized (about 8 inches) base plate clear plastic and add a 4-inch circle in the center to indicate the size intended for the stadium. This is a smart workaround to see the terrain and grid lines below, but it can be difficult to fit into the playfield if you’re using scatter terrain or environment set pieces.

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