This Breaking Bad theory about Marvel’s Jessica Jones may blow your mind

With so many multiverses and branching timelines, it’s out of reach to think that there might be a connection between Breaking Bad and Jessica Jones.

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As for fan theory, there is one series that seems to be cited as the origin of many other unrelated movies and television shows. breaking bad..Already thought to be the origin of the virus that started walking Dead By many fans breaking badJesse Pinkman found himself at the center of the theory claiming to be responsible for the creation of Marvel’s character, Jessica Jones. This all comes from the casting of both series Krysten Ritter. Now, make us an intriguing color.

On the surface, there are few similarities between AMC’s drug-based drama and the fantastic Marvel series that until recently existed as part of Netflix’s Marvel Universe, but what they have in common is Jesse Pinkman. Krysten Ritter, an actress who played Mann’s girlfriend.of breaking bad Title character with Jessica Jones 6 years away. In recent multiverse and expanding timeline scenarios, there were more unlikely crossovers, but the theory that the liter character is a detour featured in both shows holds something water. will you do?

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Now, this particular theory is Ranker.comLong-standing list of Jessica Jones Fans’ theory turned out to be true, but it’s a lot of disappointment because it’s quite useful for the “it was all a dream” cupout that has been hated and ridiculed in the industry since Bobby Ewing left. Causes in the shower Dallas.. The basic theory is as follows. Jessica Jones is nothing but the product of Jesse Pinkman’s imagination. breaking bad A character that reminds him of his deceased girlfriend after he escaped the stimulant business.

On the surface, it’s easy to dismiss this bizarre fantasy scenario, but there’s a compelling argument when considering it. Krysten Ritter Playing both characters in a very similar attitude and persona, both characters have a history of substance abuse, and as theory suggests, the Jessica Jones name itself is a derivative version of Jessica’s own name. It may have been. Of course, there is one major obstacle to this theory. Jones was created in 2001 and has been created for some time. breaking bad In some way, but like most theories, there are footnotes for that. It points out that Jones’ television iteration and her comic book counterpart are two completely separate entities. Remember, the Multiverse and all of it.

Like other fan theories, this is a liter character breaking bad He was a talented artist who created the entire superhero persona of the series “Apology Girl” himself. Jesse Pinkman To come up with another superhero persona for her after she’s gone. In a world where all of Marvel’s characters are somehow connected, fans who create theories outside the boundaries of Marvel’s own world are sometimes fun to read, and who knows, even if we at some point The universe is connected in some way, even if it is only by the thinnest connection.

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This Breaking Bad theory about Marvel’s Jessica Jones may blow your mind

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