This Cyberpunk 2077 tweak can really help your PC’s performance

Frankly, if your dissatisfaction with Cyberpunk 2077’s performance is that your rugged PC doesn’t do it the way you expected, then with 30fps on my shy PC I have little sympathy for you. Git. But if this is you, you probably like to mess with the hidden memory settings found by one player. Some people are getting a big boost from now on! For others, it didn’t do anything. Is it worth a try?

The cyberpunker “The Phoenix Royal” posted on Reddit and thought that their reasonably fashionable PCs weren’t running the game mysteriously well, and probably didn’t take full advantage of its potential, so the game’s configuration files I looked it up. So they said that certain memory settings seem to be set to what they believe is the same as the Xbox and PlayStation. Their PCs were so elaborate that they raised the numbers a bit. The end result is that the game runs and loads much faster, even with much higher graphics settings. Some people who tried this also reported an impressive number – a 50% boost.

Well, I’m careful not to overread this analysis. This is what one thought he found and what it meant. But whatever the cause, the results of many people in that thread can certainly be heard. However, others report that the tweaks did nothing for them. This is neither a clear issue nor a universal fix.

ThePhoenixRoyal warns that tampering can also cause a crash. This is definitely for advanced users who are familiar with config file plunge and are not afraid to fix problems if they occur. However, if you have a hot data deck and the performance is poor, we recommend that you try this. carefully. There are few expectations. You might be surprised?

Someone has replaced the information with a brief guide on what to do with memory_pool_budgets.csv and where to find it.

CD Projekt Red today announced that it will provide the PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 with “regular updates and fixes to improve the game.” I would be surprised if performance wasn’t on the list of issues. That’s what I count on as someone who has a cheap “n” hilarious old PC and is ineligible for any of this trick.

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This Cyberpunk 2077 tweak could really help PC performance

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