This game will be Dracula and Frankenstein’s housemates

“Dracula and Frankenstein are modern-day flatmates in their twenties who don’t meet each other, just exchange sticky notes, and both are very sad. Dracula wears pupil shades.” I am an acquaintance of my writing with a time stamp [2:15am].. It’s also like I answer “yes, do it” and want to know exactly how they go to hell.That’s the energy I downloaded Frank and DrakeIn the demo, it’s certainly an adventure of a moody and gloomy story about two unlikely housemates.

Frank (Enstein) is “night shift” during the day and Drake (Ura) is “night shift”, so the two never hit each other. Throughout the half-day of each character, you’ll learn to click on different parts of an apartment or building, play with puzzles, choose how the story unfolds, and live in harmony as a silent roommate. All the while, there are secrets about each of them to reveal in relation to their literary nickname.

“Every pass unlocks various puzzles, mini-games, and interactions for both characters,” says developer Appnormals Team. “Some of them are optional and some are important for advancing their personal quest on this journey.”

I spent my first day as Frank repairing an exercise bike in the basement, cleaning up groceries, and having a little existential mouth in my diary. Unfortunately, I was distracted by cleaning Drake’s room before arriving to move that night, and even though I requested a room with leaky ceilings and windows, the windows weren’t covered. I noticed.

Relationships with roommates begin to rise. He isn’t looking forward to the sticky notes that keep me in the fridge because of that misjudgment.

Between the stories of all modern-style roommates, Appnormals says there are plenty of folklore and references to the classic Sherry and Stalker novels inspired by Drake and Frank. I can’t say it’s the most foggy where this story is heading, but I’m in a bad mood to dig a little deeper into the fall.

You can try the Frank and Drake demo yourself On Steam just now. Scheduled to be released in the spring of 2022.

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