This Group of People Is More Likely To Give You COVID-19 Than Others • Wellness Captain

Ever since the pandemic started, scientists have struggled to find as many things as possible about the virus in order to stop its spread and put an end to this awful outbreak. Unfortunately, we are in our second year of COVID and things don’t seem to end anytime soon. At least not as soon as we all hoped for.

The silver lining is that we are not fighting blindly against a virus we know nothing about. Over the course of the pandemic, important things have been discovered, not to mention the vaccines that have been developed to protect us against COVID-19.

One of the aspects that researchers identified at some point was that some groups of people, such as younger adults, were more likely to spread COVID-19. More recently, a new group has been added to the list. Find out who is more likely to give you COVID-19 on the next page.


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