This is a flight sim player who is piloting the flight they are on

Players do the worst things, especially if they are also game developers. This is ridiculous for me not to look at it from miles away. Former Vlambeer famous Rami Ismail decided to actually test the accuracy of Microsoft Flight Simulator by sitting on the same flight in real life and maneuvering in-game flights. Certainly the future has arrived.

Ismail posted the flight progress and tracked how close the in-game flight and the actual flight were to a particular landmark on the way to Amsterdam. In most cases, the simulation sounds impressively in sync with real life.

During the flight, Ismail states that cloud ingress and egress occurred approximately every few seconds in life and games, while even the distance above the clouds at altitude seemed to match. His in-game plane is about four minutes late at some point, but can eventually land in Amsterdam on the screen about four minutes before the actual flight.

You can start from the beginning of Ismail’s flight adventure Here on twitter It’s really worth checking out some of the videos and images he’s showing in a row. In multiple examples, I squinted on my screen and was about 95% sure which was the game and which was the real life. Doesn’t the star really look like that? It’s definitely a game.

Ismail may not be the first person to attempt an in-flight flight, but it’s certainly nice to see it documented.

The next update of Microsoft Flight Simulator in January will bring the UK to life. For other unavoidable feats, Twitch played Flight Simulator, but it didn’t really go terrible.

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Someone piloted a flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator while sitting on the same flight in real life

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