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An unprecedented year for Liverpool and the world This is anfield He has been active in every stage, from the Reds winning the championship to the return of football. This is our best of 2020.

2020 is a rush and unforgettable year for one or more reasons.

In the case of Liverpool, it indicates that the 30-year wait has ended. Premier League The latest trophy is awarded Jordan Henderson Shuffle treatment.

Jurgen KloppWe’ve enthusiastic opposition on our way to the title to see the dreams of Liverpool’s loyal players finally come true, but we’re still patiently waiting for time to celebrate together.

Our writers not only sing the praise of this wonderful team, but also the people who came in front of them and laid the foundation for the club we see today through unique and thoughtful features and interviews. ..

From the amazing series charts where the Liverpool Football Club started challenging quizzes and fan stories, there was something that everyone could enjoy. This is anfield.. This is our best since 2020.


The Reds may have had to wait longer than they negotiated to finally raise the league title, but despite the lack of fans, the moment was more than everyone wanted. ..

Klopp’s side scored 99 points, 18 points ahead of the next best. Manchester In 2019/20, we will leave no uncertainty about who is the dominant force in England.

And This is anfield Record every moment of your journey from the Whistle Match Report, Point of the story, Player evaluation Detailed post-match analysis of all big and small issues.

Our talented writer is also at hand to deliver emotional compliments to the team and the journey undertaken to finally reach the Holy Grail from Jeff Golding’s’Generational torch‘, Alex Malone’s Heartfelt letter Jurgen and Chris McLoughlin’s view on the key to what Liverpool has become England champion 19th time.

I hope next year we already have number 20!


Is there anyone who doesn’t like to challenge memory and knowledge with quizzes? We are busy creating something to test you with everything, present and past, and there really is something for everyone:

You can find more here!!

The men who made Liverpool

Liverpool goalkeeper Elisha Scott, playing in Northern Ireland, 1933

A truly unique and stunning in-depth observation of the person who paved the way for Liverpool FC to become huge today comes from the talented Jeff Golding.

The exclusive series sheds light on lesser-known names from the club’s longest-serving managers. Tom WatsonTo the forgotten heritage of David Ashworth And the first captain of Liverpool Andrew Hannah..

‘Currently has 10The men who made Liverpool‘Series, so what are you waiting for?

Anfield’s voice and rush breakfast

Liverpool's Ian Rush celebrates after playing his team against Everton (Photo: Peter Robinson / EMPICS Sports)

This year we also offered an exclusive chat with people who comment live on past Reds, longtime figures, and actions.

George Sefton, Anfield’s voiceTalked about his incredible 50 years and how to count it as an important part of Liverpool’s Matchday, Arlo White I was able to get a glimpse of what Henderson called the moment he lifted the trophy.

Ian Rush A virtual breakfast comparing the 80’s Reds with the current Reds, directed by James Elskin Provided insight into the production of documentaries’The end of the storm‘.

And don’t worry, there are many more!

The best moment

The last stand of the cup, Anfield: Liverpool vs Norwich, 1994 (PA image)

With a long and rich history, Liverpool Football Club is full of wonderful moments to withstand the challenges of time.

From the formation of the club in 1892 to 2020, the club has earned 48 major honors in the process and is home to an endless list of talented players and managers.

And this reflects 43 events that Anfield’s Joanna Darkan delves into the club’s history book and stands out above all else. here, Or via an interactive timeline here..

Disassemble it

Liverpool is an ever-evolving club and has plenty of time to break down the game and focus on looking ahead.

This is Anfield’s Matt Radson and Khrys Williams, with commentator and TV presenter Keith Costigan having an interesting debate on the YouTube channel. here Along with our other videos.

Do it for kids

It’s not right not to offer endless entertainment for kids who wanted to create educational quizzes and interactive tools to learn the history of LFC.

There’s something for all ages around Liverpool, such as spelling, math, geography, etc.

You can color these brilliant at home Reds Superhero Or learn Liverpool FC story in the photo Or with some Club AZ..

And if the kids are taking the quiz, there are plenty of options:

Long distance liverpool love

New series in 2020 “Long distance liverpool love‘Slights enthusiastic fans who grew up as red away from Merseyside.

We celebrate a variety of rituals, and regardless of distance, our love and appreciation for the club is no different than the lucky people in the immediate vicinity of Anfield.

Red from Australia, Argentina, India And South Africa So far everything has been covered and there are many more.

I am grateful…

Liverpool captain Graeme Souness celebrates 1984 European Cup victory (PA image)

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and reflect and thank those who have come before, which is what our own Jack Rasby has achieved within us.Thank you‘series.

Starring Rob Jones, Jamie Redknapp, Steve McManaman and others, it aims to tell the most underrated Redknapps in our history.

The real impact of the players is only noticed when the days of their play are too long, and each of them is definitely worth your time.

Liverpool FC in the photo

Sometimes photos are more eloquent than words, and we looked into the archives. There, I found some of Liverpool’s most hidden gems of the Melwood era and a catalog of great images from the early 20th century.

Attractive features

Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier proudly hosts the UEFA Cup (PA image)

We also have the joy of a long list of talented writers who go back in time and write thoughtful features that reflect their current destiny.

From Stephen Scragg In honor of the late Gerard Houllier Karl Matchett Looking back on FSG’s decade in Liverpool.

Samuel Cox And Scrug Both took a different view of how the 30-year wait for the league title ended, but Matt Radson had the privilege of talking to Emile Heskey about the great things about the club. Treble Cup Winner Campaign..

We’ve been content with our options, including providing insights into what Jeff Golding was like. Return to cup Breakdown of Alex Malone Reds’ relentless champion machine..

There was no shortage of incredible writing. We look forward to providing more entertainment, information and thoughtful work since 2021.

– Soccer Sports

This is Anfield’s Best of 2020: Champions, Best Moments, etc.-Liverpool FC This is Anfield’s Best of 2020: Champions, Best Moments, etc.-Liverpool FC

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