This is Ark’s extended cut trailer: Anime Series

Stephanie Nannery, Saturday, December 12, 2020 19:31 GMT

Ark: The anime series received an extended cut trailer.

An extended cut trailer released with Ark2 at The Game Awards 2020 Ark: Anime Series..

Studio Wildcard has partnered with director Jay Oliva (Batman: The Dark Night Returns, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox) to executive producer and co-direct the original animated television series based on the video game Ark: Survival Evolved. did.

With the kindness of animation studio Lex + Otis, we bring you music composed by Gareth Coker (Ori and the Will of the Wisps).

Created and executive produced by game creators Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak, the series has 14 30-minute episodes and is currently in production for two seasons for its 2022 launch.

Lead writers Marguerite Bennett and Kendall Deacon Davis wrote the script.

Studio Wildcard also announced that Vin Diesel will join the company as president of Creative Convergence and will be executive producer of both Ark2 and the anime series...

Diesel also lends his voice talent as Santiago, the protagonist of a fully rendered hero. Santiago extends from the newly announced sequel to the video game to the anime television series.

The outline is as follows.

This series tells the story of a land inhabited by dinosaurs and other extinct creatures. There, people have been resurrected throughout the history of mankind. When 21st-century Australian paleontologist Helena Walker wakes up in Ark after a tragedy, she needs to learn to survive and find new companions or die again in the hands of a ruthless warlord-all they Trying to reveal the essence of the strange new world of.

Ark: The explanations of the voice actors and characters in the anime series are shown below in alphabetical order.

  • Gerard Butler Plays General Gaius Marcels Nerva, a brutal tyranny of ancient Rome.
  • Devary Jacobs Playing the energetic 17th-century Inuit teenager Oladyi, she is now finding her place in Ark.
  • Sissy Jones Plays Gradiatrix, the formidable commander of the Nerva army.
  • Madeline Madden Plays Helena Walker, a newly awakened 21st century Australian paleontologist at Ark.
  • Deborah Mailman Plays Deborah Walker, a 21st century Aboriginal activist and mother of Helena Walker.
  • Zan McLanon Plays Thundercams Charging, a 19th-century Lakota warrior who leads a thriving community in Ark.
  • Malcolm McDowell Plays Senator Lucius Cassius Billiris, an operational aristocrat during the reign of Caesar Augustus.
  • Juliet Mills He plays Chaba, a wise healer and village councilor.
  • Elliot Page He plays Victoria Walker, an idealistic humanitarian activist and wife of Helena Walker.
  • Ragga Ragnars Plays Queen Sigrid, a warlike 10th century Viking warlord.
  • David Tennant Plays Sir Edmund Rockwell, an egocentric 19th-century scientist with dark ambitions.
  • Alan Tudyk Plays Captain, an unfriendly Buccaneer who sails in favor of the dangerous waters around Ark.
  • Karl Urban Plays Bob, the arrival of the recent square-jawed arc.
  • Jeffrey Wright Plays the 18th century American watchmaker Henrytown Send and Patriot Spy.
  • Michelle Yeoh Plays Meiyin Li, the leader of the 3rd century Chinese rebels known for ARK for its dreaded “queen of beasts”.
  • Ron Yuan Plays Han Lee, the leader of the Chinese rebels in the 3rd century and Mayin’s brother.
    • When Russell Crowe He plays the Prophet Ko, a quirky “Dino Wispaler” from a time before history was recorded.
    • And Vin Diesel Plays the 24th century “Mech” (Pilot, Gearhead, Freedom Fighter Santiago).

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Here’s an extended cut trailer for Ark: The Animated Series

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