This is Markiplier’s Minecraft seed

Some brave researchers have discovered the Minecraft seeds used by YouTube creator Mark’Markiplier’ Fischbach. Markiplier uses two worlds in its construction game, and anyone who wants to see it can now access both.

Seeds were found by [email protected]A group of Minecraft enthusiasts dedicated to solving mysteries and discovering the treasures sought after in open world games. Last year, Markiplier launched the Let’s Play Minecraft series in version 1.15, but version 1.16 released just eight episodes in, so it resumed with a new update to access the Nether. Seeds of both of these locations have been found.

The 1.16 seed was first discovered in January, and the 1.15.2 seed was discovered at the end of February. 1.15.2 Seeds are between grassy hillsides, distant mountains, and fairly large pits leading to some caves below, while other seeds have more bamboo and vines. , And there is a fire near the spawn point. We recommend that you search carefully in 1.16.

The coordinates are as follows:

Version 1.15.2, Episodes 1-8:

  • seed: -8218651088314900656
  • Coordination: -29 62 -42

Version 1.16, Episode 8 and later:

  • seed: -7921338487587620021
  • Coordination: -540 67215

Here is a public video:

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