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There is one thing that can prevent Russell Wilson and the Seahawks from returning to the Super Bowl

Seattle Seahawks Jamal Adams I told it to exist. Now when he says the Seahawks are posting the best defense in the league, he wants to be right.

“You can quote it, you can do whatever you want with it,” Adams said. Told reporters After Seattle’s NFC West defeats Los Angeles on Sunday. “After all, I believe in these people.”

Many called him crazy when John Schneider sent a pair of picks for the first round to the New York Jets for Adams. What’s crazy is how much one player, such as Fourth Year Safety, has done to rejuvenate Seattle’s defenses.

Seattle has recorded the highest number of defenses since statically returning to week 10. They lead the league with allowed points (15), sack (24) and third with allowed yards (4.61) per play.

Yes, Seattle’s secondary is still struggling, but Adams and Carlos Dunlap’s Pass Rush have neutralized the number of deep passes and big plays.

Seattle has been a part of NFC candidates for the past few weeks. The problem is that they are still far from perfect. Whatever caused the defense left the offensive side of football.

I hope I’ll be back in time for the postseason. Otherwise, it will be another disappointing season for a potential elite franchise.

Is Russell Wilson a Seattle issue?

Russell Wilson I was asked to carry the team early in the season. This is mainly due to the lack of run games.

In January, Seattle returned with all four running backs in good health. Chris Carson took the lead and recorded at least 41 yards from the 12th week. Carlos Hyde averaged 6.2 yards per run in December.

Attention is returned to Wilson, who is struggling to balance the pass that concludes this season. In the four games that conclude December, he was thrown at a low of 815 yards and an average of 6.3 yards per play.

However, the biggest concern is turnover. In eight games, Wilson doubled the intercept from the beginning of the year. He has also not thrown more than 300 yards to Buffalo since the ninth week.

At the same time, he had only two games with multiple pass touchdowns, one against the New York Jets.

Wilson’s recent struggle is a concern heading for January. In the match against Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers will post one of the top-run defenses, so he has to pass. In addition, there were some mistakes from the Rams attack to secure the division title.

Seattle should rely on orchids, but let’s stir Russ too. Having him cook until he returns to full form can cost the franchise an NFC postseason deep plan.

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This is Seahawks’ biggest weakness towards the postseason This is Seahawks’ biggest weakness towards the postseason

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