This is the character chosen by Apex Legends in Season 7.

Respawn, the developer of Apex Legends, provides some extensive stats on the most popular characters in battle royale games. The top five of the season can be predicted by almost anyone following a multi-layer game, but one or two can be annoying.

In the latest episode of The Third Party: Apex Legends podcast, senior game designer Daniel Klein rattled the top five legends players are currently selecting. “Wraith, Bloodhound, Horizon, Octane, and Lifeline, that’s the pick order now,” Klein says, running in descending order. Horizon settled in third place after being carefully selected for the start of Season 7 in early November, but Bloodhound and Octane could be frowned upon.

Neither has a high win rate, but Klein points out that it’s not just about winning. Octane’s speedy abilities make him a fun choice for players who are less interested in competitiveness. There’s no further context for Bloodhound, which has existed since the game was first released, but prefers to use Bloodhound and his tracking and trap detection capabilities, whether or not he ultimately wins. It is reasonable to assume that the player is similar.

The seventh season of FPS games has responded in various ways. Players weren’t happy with the difficulty and balance, so Respawn made it easier for them to level up their Battle Pass, lowering their daily difficulty, and giving everyone double XP to give them an edge.

Apex Legend is now on Steam and its appearance is very popular. Holo-Day Bash is back this week, Winter Express’s limited-time mode is back, the game continues until January, and finally you’ll see a read-all button.

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