This is the last Elden Ring non-news in 2020

Of all the bad things that will hit the world in 2020, the lack of news in Eldenling is certainly quite low on the list, but here at PCGamesN, for a while, sympathetic to the plight of Eldenling’s subreddit. Is facing. This year Boyd has sucked all the words of Eldenling, and while we can’t call what we’re about to write “news,” it’s at least a small part of Eldenling’s content. sample.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who voted for Elden Ring at TGA and who will continue to support us,” said producer Yasuhiro Kitao. twitterSee the title wins for the “Most Expected” titles fan-voted at The Game Awards. “Thanks to the people who play our games and keep us at a high standard, we can proceed with ambitious development without hesitation. Thank you.”

Mr. Kitao said, “It seems that the world has not been fixed yet, but please be careful and enjoy the New Year in good spirits. See you in 2021.”

Friend, you have it. The developers of Elden Ring are “not motivated and motivated.” I don’t know what that really means, but at least they feel good. I hope that 2021 is going well. Not receiving the news of Elden Ring is something everyone can enjoy until the magical day finally arrives.

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