This is your last chance to get the Humble Choice Bundle for November.

December 3, 2020 Today is your last chance to get the Humble Choice Bundle for November.

With the introduction of the HumbleChoice game in November, HumbleChoice subscribers will be offered 12 new games for just $ 12. This month’s selection includes a nice batch of some heavy hitters and small indie games, and there should be something intriguing to you. Let’s dive.

Soon there will be Yakuzaki Wami 2. A complete remake of the 2006 Yakuza 2, featuring the story of Kazuma Kiryu, a year after the first game event. Kiryu is recalled to the former Tojo clan to prevent a war with his rival Omi, and enters a collision course with Ryuji Goda of the Omi Alliance. Kiwami 2 adds a whole new story content detailing Majima’s own division with the Tojo clan.

For strategy enthusiasts, the November bundle includes Imperator: Rome Deluxe Edition. This is one of Paradox’s new grand strategy games set in the classical Roman era. Paradox is currently working on a Marius 2.0 update that includes a visual update and reorganization of the menu system. The Deluxe Edition includes Hellenistic World Flavor Packs including custom music, units, map monuments and events.

Subscribers will also get Darksiders III in this month’s bundle. Here you play as Fury, the jockey of the Apocalypse. She runs through the ends of the world with Zelda-style Darksiders heavy metal spins.

The bundle also includes:

  • Crying sun
  • Dark sberg
  • Little Miss Fortune
  • Smile for me
  • Dark wood
  • Tsioque
  • Rover mechanic simulator
  • Youropa
  • Townspeople

November subscription revenue will benefit JDRF, the world’s leading type 1 diabetes research organization.

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If you’re still looking for something more affordable than 12 games for $ 12, you can always browse the list of free PC games.

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