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This mezcal is a hybrid of Mexico and France


Sombra Mezcal Repose, $ 49.99

Inside story

In recent years, the often smoky-tasting Mexican spirit, Mezcal has changed from curiosity in the United States to a trendy bite.Sales almost doubled over the next few years, starting at $ 326 million in 2019 2027 forecast $ 521 million..

As a result, consumers have begun to look for different versions of mezcal from the agave plant, such as tequila. (Records show that tequila is a type of mezcal itself, but is usually classified separately.) Notable newcomers in this regard were aged for six months in wine barrels procured from the famous Bordeaux region of France. This is Mezcal.

Sombra’s senior brand manager, Persia Tatar, explains the idea of ​​”enriching mezcal without overwhelming the balance of its delicate plants.” The aging process gives Mezcal a color reminiscent of French rosé wines. Therefore, the name “Repose”, which means “rest” in French (similar to “Reposado” in Spanish), sounds like “Rosé”. .. “

Sombra, a distillery that has been in operation since 2006, also offers more traditional, unaged (or “Joven”) mezcal. The company takes pride in a sustainable approach that points to everything from the natural methods used to grow agave to the solar panels on the distillery roof.

What we think about it

This is one of the more delicate mezcals we have recently tasted, and the smoke is balanced by some fruitiness (Sombra says you should pick up orange and blackberry hints on your nose). It doesn’t taste like rosé wine, but there is no doubt that French barrels are influencing the final product.

How to enjoy

This mezcal needs to be drunk properly to appreciate its unique taste. However, the Sombra team says it works well with some cocktails and suggests trying it out with Margaritas.

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This mezcal is a hybrid of Mexico and France This mezcal is a hybrid of Mexico and France

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