This Minecraft map turns your game into an RPG

When it comes to Minecraft survival maps, nothing is better than the team behind Drehmal: Primordial. If you get tired of Minecraft survival mode, check out this mod with a custom map that completely changes the way Minecraft is played. The map has recently been updated to v2.1 with new story events, dungeons, and many legendary items to discover. Drehmal: Primordial has been in development for over four years and it’s easy to see where it went. Drehmal Island has a 12km x 12km map filled with numerous dungeons, over 25 custom biomes and even main quests. Developers are encouraged to play the game with a small group of friends to achieve all the goals on the map. Mods can be played in single player, but certain tasks can be more difficult without additional help. One of the developers behind the project, Keeko100, feels like an open-world adventure, so he compares the mod to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Unlike Minecraft’s survival mode, Drehmal is dotted with enemies in specific locations around the world. Some of these enemies are extremely difficult to defeat. Fortunately, there are legendary weapons throughout the map, which are very useful in combat.

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