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This Month’s Video-Land Rover is working with the Red Cross and Red Crescent

  • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and Land Rover Announce Emergency Response Miniseries movies
  • The four-part series “On the Ground: Humanitarians in Action” uses frontline footage taken by staff and volunteers with GoPro cameras.
  • The new movie shows how local teams are the future of emergency response efforts
  • Land Rover continues to support the IFRC by providing vehicles to reach communities around the world.
  • The movie will be screened Facebook live With a panel discussion on the future of crisis response

Watch this video:

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and Land Rover recently premiered the first of a series of short films showing how local teams are showing the future of emergency response efforts.

The first four-part series of this kind, Ground: Humanitarian behaviorUses GoPro cameras to capture Red Cross volunteers and local teams to help vulnerable communities around the world in a major challenge of the year. IFRC staff and volunteers used Land Rover vehicles to reach people on three continents. This is the latest example of a long-term humanitarian partnership.

Each film captures life-changing moments for humanity and crisis, from the more vulnerable Italian streets of homeless people to the communities rebuilding their lives after the devastating wildfires of Australia in 2020. I am. We help people in the remote Mexican community, and those who have been hit hardest by the coronavirus in the UK.

IFRC Facebook live page We hosted an exclusive premiere of the film and held a panel discussion entitled “The Future of Crisis Response is Local: How the Community Stepped Up in a Pandemic.”

The blockade of the coronavirus, the ban on travel, and other major disruptions have created a great need for prompt and effective assistance. Local healthcare professionals, healthcare professionals, and community volunteers all provided care, treatment, and support. The results of the IFRC’s recent findings are as follows:

  • Before the pandemic, societies in each country reached one in 79 people in the world.This is currently 1/12
  • Currently, about 14 million local volunteers have participated in hundreds of thousands since the start of the pandemic, supporting the society of the national Red Cross or Red Crescent Society.
  • 79.5 million people received food and benefited from water and sanitation programs and other support
  • 9.7 million people were tested for Covid-19 and 4 million were independently supported
  • Volunteers and staff from the Red Cross and Red Crescent have vaccinated nearly 100,000 people in remote and inaccessible areas.
  • Land Rover allowed the Red Cross to reach an isolated and vulnerable community, with 267 vehicles rented to national society
  • These vehicles traveled over 500,000 miles (804,672 km) to reach endangered people and assist in their response and recovery.
  • Land Rover has supported 13 UK and international emergency responses through the British Red Cross Disaster Relief Alliance for over 12 months.

Nena Stoirikovich, Deputy Secretary-General for Humanitarian Diplomacy and Digitization, IFRC, said: “This year, unlike any other, the future of emergency response turned out to be local. The community went even further to support each other and their most vulnerable people. However, the ability to respond locally varies greatly from country to region. International organizations like us can leverage our domestic community to work with the community and bring its expertise and resources to the local capacity. Need to strengthen and address inequality. “

Land Rover and the IFRC Network have been working together in one of the longest-established corporate / humanitarian relationships in the world for over 66 years. During this time, Land Rover has promoted IFRC’s lifesaving efforts through funding, vehicles and expertise.

Land Rover Brand Director Finver McFaul said: “Last year was a very difficult year for people around the world. Land Rover is more proud to work with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. These films are IFRC staff and volunteers. It captures our commitment and the vital importance of going up and down to support people at the local level. “

This Month’s Video-Land Rover is working with the Red Cross and Red Crescent This Month’s Video-Land Rover is working with the Red Cross and Red Crescent

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