This new challenge will increase productivity and improve health in the workplace

How was your experience working from home? It looked like a good break, but unexpected shifts in remote work presented some issues that were difficult to deal with. COVID-19 has affected employees in ways that they did not negotiate, in addition to lower profits, delayed valuations, reduced salaries, more time spent on work, and the collapse of their respective corporate cultures.

Problems faced while working from home

  1. Separation and Separation: No matter which industry you work in, the workplace gives you a common sense of purpose and connection. While working from home, team members began to feel isolated and liberated from the workplace as they had less opportunities to bond and interact. The amount of video conference cannot correct this feeling of separation and isolation.
  2. Loss of focus: Some people enjoyed the isolated space where they could concentrate on their work, but most did not have a remote location where they could work comfortably. Distractions from family, pets, and other factors have caused more stress and lack of concentration.
  3. Mental health issues: Given the situation between the early onset of the pandemic and the subsequent blockade, it was easy to feel stressed about the future. Feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness, and frustration were common to all age groups. Working from home made it difficult to seek help from colleagues and friends. A survey we conducted found that about 43% of Indians suffer from depression. Only a number that is on the rise. “Anxiety is one of the symptoms of depression. Most people are worried about many things. For some, it’s about not having a regular routine like normal time.” Divya Thampi, an emotional wellness coach, says. GOQii Play.. For more information on the impact of COVID-19 on mental health, Read the report here..
  4. Overwhelmed by new technology: We already use a fair amount of apps and software every day. In a business environment, everything is driven by data and technology. Adaptability aside, the sudden outbreak of a pandemic and the ensuing remote work scene required new tools such as scheduling, meetings, and management to be used faster than before.
  5. Feedback, recognition, guidance: During the pre-blockade time, it was easy for managers to step into your desk to share positive feedback and guide you. In a remote work environment, this form of dialogue is very distressing. Lack of feedback, awareness, and guidance can further isolate a person, doubt their skills, and reduce their confidence in their work.
  6. Health and welfare: The turmoil in everyday life also meant that people were tied to their sofas, beds, or desks at home with little movement. A walk after lunch, a train chase, and a little movement while working in the office were thrown out the window. Eating habits also deteriorated, some working hours were longer, sleep was significantly worsened, and stress was only increased.

At GOQii, we believe that healthy employees are happy employees and happy employees are productive employees. Sadly, that wasn’t the case during the blockade. With these still persistent issues, what can companies do to motivate their employees, build team spirit, foster bonds, improve health, and increase productivity?

GOQii Corporate Challenge

What if there was a fun way to build a team spirit and improve your health and performance at work? GOQii Corporate Challenge – Health challenges between companies can be the solution you are looking for.

This is a 60-day engagement program from December 13th to February 10th that allows businesses to engage employees at the individual, team, and corporate level. Challenges consist of a 30-day step challenge and a daily social media spot challenge (where you can win daily prizes), all tracked by the live leaderboard.

The program consists of more than 150 60-day sessions starting with daily fitness sessions: 7 am yoga, mind and body sessions, 3 pm health talks, and 7 pm high intensity workout sessions. It has been.

In addition, at the end of the GOQii Corporate Challenge, one in four players will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes such as hotel stays, luxury watches, smartphones, gadgets and exclusive products.

A little healthy competition like this can definitely ease the tension left by COVID-19 and build a team spirit while most of us are back in the office!

If you’re keen on participating, register your company for the GOQii Corporate Challenge and take advantage of exciting rewards. The best reward is health.

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