This next mod mashes up Crusader Kings 3 and Mount & Blade

Crusader Kings 3 is a great strategic rampage that can play the fantasies of conspiracy and conspiracy kingmakers. But when it comes to pulling out a sword, it would be cool if we could actually get down to the battlefield and fight the road to victory. Wait a minute, there is definitely a game for that. There are really a few, but this is about Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord. In future mods, you can wage a Crusader war on the Battlefield of Banner Road and send the results back to the Crusader campaign to continue your strategy.

A modder called George is currently working on a Crusader blade mod that allows him to take the Crusade and eat it. The mod acts like a bridge between the two games, so you need to own both games.

“Crusader Kings sends parameters such as the number of troops, the combat power of military commanders (game characters) and other warriors, the type of troops, and the type of terrain to Mount & Blade via a special gateway,” George said. Explains. It’s on the mod’s Patreon page. “Based on this data, a map will be created and troops will be placed on Mount & Blade.” After the battle, Banner Road will send back information to Crusader Kings about how many troops were killed.

For now, things seem pretty early. George’s very short first test video above shows the transition between the two games. Initially, George says the mod will choose a Bannerlord military type similar to that of Crusader Kings, but later plans will need to create an equivalent to Bannerlord. Siege battles, tournaments, and duels are also part of the plan for a new version of the mod.

It’s worth wondering how Crusader Blade changes the strategic priorities of Crusader Kings. If you know your enemies have the ability to “get this out”, do you really need to invest a lot in martial arts? Even if you throw a little wrench into your strategy, it’s fun just to move from the Crusader Kings 3 management-style war to the ground-level look of Mount & Blade.

You can watch the Crusader Blade YouTube channel and Patreon page there to see how it’s going.

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