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Pat McAfee hasn’t joined NXT since losing the team at Take Over War Games earlier this month.

It seemed perfectly rational. Wrestling isn’t his full-time gig, and it was at least a reasonable stop for that chapter of his story.McAfee remained a full-fledged pro, selling his injuries and taking over other men from his full-time gig in a match against him. Pat McAfee Show..

Last week’s item Wrestling Observer Newsletter Pat Mac status was covered at all Wrestling Web outlets (including Randall Ortman). It showed that WWE called for McAfee to be removed from the television, and that he could be off until spring. Earlier NFL All-Pro took a screenshot of a series of headlines and tweeted it.

Dave Meltzer’s report doesn’t say anything about “firing.” It makes sense to overreact because McAfee is the heel against managing NXT.

But he also has Achievements that are angry with the slightest real and perceived, This goes from 100% sure work to 99% sure work.Pat referred to it again His show today (December 28th), When the listener tweeted to the #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT segment on Monday as follows:

YouTube Pat McAfee Show

It sparked a funny anger about how Pat didn’t use his regular spray tanning machine in Orlando. This is one of the “rookie mistakes” he blames for the 0-2 NXT record. The promotion ended as follows: [tweeter Benny Butz] Says it’s almost accurate, but that doesn’t mean that NXT has to read on the internet all day Christmas, which NXT just wrote me down from the TV for the rest of my life. Hi Benny Butts. “

Again, this could just be a way to incorporate Melzer’s report into the storyline to explain McAfee’s next cool anti-NXT action.But his work with the black and gold brands was one of my favorites in this year’s wrestling (and praised from something like). CM punk And Stone Cold Steve Austin), I’m worried that things could actually collapse between the two parties and take away more of Pat’s “moof” on Wednesday night.

This is probably what McAfee knows, so he decides to incorporate the rumors into Kayfabe. Does he work with us and ignore potential real problems unless I convince myself?

Welp, now there is only one way to approve this post.

Good night HULKAMANIACS and Jabronie Mark, a lifeless mark, Mark who doesn’t know it’s a job when you work and work on your own shoot

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This Pat McAfee thing is better to work This Pat McAfee thing is better to work

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