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NS Toronto Raptors Despite high expectations for Chris Boucher this season, he has taken some big steps in the wrong direction. Boucher has seen his shot-blocking skills evaporate while struggling to find the aggressive consistency that made him a valuable commodity last year.

The Raptors are starting to lower their rankings and are looking to draft lottery. The idea of ​​trading a bouche for a long-term piece could appeal to Masai Ujiri. Boucher has been playing for 7 minutes in the last two gamesAllen lost his favor With Nick Nurse.

Former Raptors Assistant Chris Finch have Minnesota Timberwolves After years of reconstruction, playoff hunts firmly.To get their Star Trio Karl-Anthony Towns, With D’Angelo Russell and Anthony Edwards providing additional support on the offensive side, Boucher may be a trading goal they can focus on.

Isn’t it a coincidence that the year when Boucher gave a surprisingly aggressive number was the year when Finch was an assistant? Can Minnesota flip some assets in Toronto’s way in exchange for Boucher, as the power forward spots don’t get in the way of the attack?

This trade between the Raptors and Timberwolves reunites Chris Boucher and Chris Finch.

Timberwolves Get

PF Chris Boucher

Raptors get

SG Josh Okogie

SF Leandro Bolmaro

2022 2nd round pick

Okogie, a former first-round pick from Georgia Institute of Technology, was similarly disappointing this season. His score and efficiency declined, and Finch sliced ​​his minutes. However, Toronto has shown a willingness to gamble on the picks of the previous first round.Can he make the following resurrection DeAndre’Bembly Did it?

Okogie hasn’t been a great shooter until now, but if Raptor trusts the nurse and his staff to entrust a great deal of nifty shooters, try adding another shooter. Isn’t it? If he does something well, he can protect his surroundings. Toronto was able to use some of it after such a shocking return at that edge of the floor.

The real prize for this trade would be Bolmaro. Another option for the 2020 NBA Draft to join Toronto, Bolmaro was ranked 23rd overall and was hidden abroad for a year before his debut in Minnesota. He has an average of 1.5 points per game with limited action, but that’s not the best way to measure his talent.

Bolmaro shot 45% from the field and 41% from the range of 3 points during his time in Barcelona, ​​Spain. He also gained some fans in Minnesota because of his courage to defend. These two traits earn a lot of brownie points on the nurse and this coaching staff. He gets a rotation minute instantly.

The deal will make the Raptors even thinner on the front court, but will allow them to regain their assets ahead of Boucher’s imminent free agent. Bolmaro and Okogie improve defense, and Boucher has the potential to be a solid reserve and spot starter for wolves.

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This Raptors-Timberwolves deal sends Chris Boucher to Minnesota This Raptors-Timberwolves deal sends Chris Boucher to Minnesota

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