This Skyrim mod boosts beard power up to 11

Skyrim is one of the most metallic games in history when you think about it. Ryu? check. fire? check. sword? check. However, there is one key feature that Skyrim has missed over the years. beard. Yes, Skyrim has some whiskers, but virtually nothing compared to the ones offered by the Beards of Powermod.

The Mharlek1 mod gives the character the strength of the beard that the character has been looking for since the game started nine years ago. Assassin’s Creed Valhara’s Iver no longer wins most spectacular beard crowns-now your Skyrim character reigns supreme. Installing the Beards of Power mod gives you access to many long beards and mustaches that are perfect for the final Dragonborn.

You may have seen a bearded person in real life, but have you ever seen a bearded person with a small skull in between? That’s what the Beards of Power mod offers. This brings unprecedented strength to the lower half of the character’s face. ZZ Top fans will love this mod as they can finally create the exact version of Billy Gibbons.

Beards of Power is available on Nexus Mods and works perfectly as a standalone mod. That said, the Beards of Power work with Niroku’s Expressive Facial Animation mod if you want to add a special touch to your character. Humans, orcs, and elves all have access to powerful beards, but Khajiit users may find that as a result, their choices are severely limited.

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