This spider injects something more dangerous than poison

Noble false widow (Steatoda nobilis) seems to be able to inject victims with something worse than just poison. ScienceAlert reports that these spiders have bacteria on their tusks, and in some cases “swelling of the hands, rotten pus holes, amputation threats, and even death.” Noble false widow was first found in the 1870s. Most have been found in the United Kingdom since it was discovered in, probably “riding a ride from the Madeira and Canary Islands on the African coast.”Encounters with these spiders increased as more and more people were forced to stay home due to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19, which extended its reach to Ireland. Approximately 10 species of spiders common in northwestern Europe are strong enough to pierce human skin and carry poison, but only one of them, the recent invasive noble false widow, is medically It is considered important, “says John Dunbar, a zoologist at the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway.

Some experts claim that “even if you are guilty of leaving a few holes, it is the victim who scratches the area with a dirty fingernail to supply necrotic bacteria.” .. However, Dunbar’s team took the noble false widow, the lace web (Amaurobius similis), and the giant house spider (Eratigena atrica) to the lab, wiping the bacteria and testing the hypothesis.

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RNA analysis revealed a variety of spider microbes, “of the 22 bacteria found in Noble False Widow, 12 could be pathogenic to humans.”

Most of these microbes are found “almost everywhere” and do not indicate that they are dealing with “plague-infested monsters,” but there are still reasons to be careful.

In addition, some of the microbes found in these spiders have shown “tolerance to grades of concern or antibiotics.” Fortunately, they can all be treated with a course of the common antibiotic ciprofloxacin, but it will be known over time whether that will change.

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