This Suba: Exclusive Interview with Fantastic Days Voice Actor

In collaboration with This Suba the publisher Kadokawa, And developed by Sumzap, This Suba: Wonderful days Following the original story of the popular anime seriesKonoSuba: Congratulations on this wonderful world!Featuring original characters such as Kazuma, Aqua, Megmin, and Darkness, the game also creates a whole new dedicated character and a new storyline.

Nexon revealed This Suba: Wonderful days Video of Jun Fukushima starring Kazuma and Sora Amamiya as Aqua sharing their thoughts on future global releases This Suba: Wonderful days..

“I’m very happy that everyone is now able to play KonoSuba: Fantastic Days!” Sora Amamiya shouted. “The content of the game is very rich and the characters are very cute. I hope you are excited!”

Jun Fukushima, the voice actor of Kazuma, the main character, said in an interview as follows. “I knew that anime was popular with many viewers from all over the world, but with the game now being released worldwide, I’m very happy that the KonoSuba community can continue to grow.”

Sora Amamiya, the voice actor of the god Aqua, said in a video that she didn’t expect foreign players to be able to play right away. She states: “Like the anime, I’ve combined all the spirits with the other cast members and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!”

Global release of mobile RPG This Suba: Wonderful days It will arrive in 2021 from the major game publisher Nexon.

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KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Exclusive Interviews with Voice Actord

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