This Week’s Epic Store Free Games: Blair Witch & Ghostbusters

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, the Epic Games Store’s Thursday rotation has delivered some new free games just in time. If you plan to sit and spend your time at home this year, Epic Games will help. If you keep up with the previous week, you may already have some great Halloween-worthy options.However, the more you always have, the better, so you can get it this week Blair Witch And Ghostbusters: Remastered video game.. However, be careful when playing. Blair WitchYou may not want to leave the house anyway. You can claim these games now, but if for some reason you’re procrastinating after your vacation, please claim by 11:00 am (Eastern Standard Time) on November 6th.

Blair Witch Is a psychological horror game of the Bloomer Team based on the popular movies of the 90’s. You take on the role of Ellis, a former police officer with a troubled past, in search of a boy who is strangely missing. You can guess what’s going on here. During your search, you begin to find strange signs in the woods associated with witch mysticism. Soon you will be hunting, and this walk in the woods is not a walk in the park. In fact, it’s more likely to do.

I’m afraid to close my eyes and I’m afraid to open

Fortunately, this game includes one sense of redemption comfort. You will see friendly and furry companions. This version of the game also includes a Good Boy pack to enhance your best friend. You can stroke the dog and claim at least a little comfort. Things get very fierce, some of which are related to the realism of the game. Blair Witch Since it was released last year, it boasts a pretty good visual. User reviews are great, so if you can deal with the thrills and chills, it’s easy to get this for free.

You know who to request a free game

Ghostbusters: Remastered video game Of course, it’s an improved version of the 2009 original title. This is in stark contrast to the tones of other free games offered by the Epic Games Store. This is because you can hunt a little yourself. In this game, ghosts act as characters rather than full terrorist entities. They are challenging, but you will also feel some big laughter and nostalgia while enjoying the personality of the original Ghost Busting team.

Remastering does a great job of bringing things closer to the norm, and I get a teltail art style atmosphere by looking Ghost Busters.. Despite its ridiculous and fun nature, it’s nice to see this series still going on.In fact, you can grab some Ghostbusters Now skin Fortnite If you want to rock your style elsewhere.

That’s it for this week’s free games on the Epic Games Store, but I’m looking forward to it. Wargame: Red Dragon next week. This is a 20th century RTS title with a mix of navy, armor and aerial combat. I’ll explain in more detail next week.

This week’s freebies on the Epic Games Store are Blair Witch and Ghostbusters

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