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This Week’s Photo-4×4 All Terrain Tatra Force

* 4×4 all-terrain Tatra Force provides rapid response capabilities in high-risk areas of Germany

A fleet of 4×4 all-terrain Tatra Force T815-7 fire trucks with Cummins L9 engines is deployed in the pine forest area of ​​northeastern Germany, where fire intensity and frequency are increasing. .. recent years. The 400hp (298 kW) rated 8.9-liter engine provides the ideal power match for the T815-7 by providing premium power characteristics for fast response on both on-road and off-road operations. ..

The first of the 46 fire trucks arrived in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in early 2021 and began to get used to the Volunteer Fire Department (Freiwillige Feuerwehr). The T815-7’s twin waterjet feature is specially equipped to control forest fires, but is ready to handle all types of fire and rescue emergencies.

The high power density of the Cummins L9 contributes to an astonishing 62 mph (100 km / hr) top speed of up to 18 tonnes. Allowable weight T815-7. The impressive 1700 Nm peak torque is fully utilized by Tatra’s all-wheel driveline to increase maneuverability when climbing rough terrain and steep slopes, protecting the powertrain from excessive heat and harsh environments. increase.

The Tatra Force T815-7 cab accommodates the driver and two crew members with tilted access to the engine. The chassis is integrated with the equipment superstructure built by THT, and two water jets provide an omnidirectional fire extinguishing cover. The high rev turret on the vehicle roof is manually operated and the low turret mounted on the front bumper is activated in the cab in the camera view. The body features a 4600 liter tank for the water jet and a 150 liter tank for the foam concentrate, with proportions and pump pressure driven by a power takeoff from the L9.

The vehicle is designed for operational self-sufficiency with a generator, self-healing winch, lighting mast and is equipped with all necessary rescue equipment. Both the Tatra Force chassis cab and the THT superstructure are manufactured in the Czech Republic, and the L9 engine meets the very low emission standards of Euro 6 supplied by the Cummins Darlington Works in the United Kingdom. The L9 engine uniquely combines the robust and rugged performance of a high displacement engine with the efficiency and low operating costs of a small midrange engine.

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