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This Week’s Photo: Introducing the 4×4 TORSUS Terrastorm Chassis

TORSUS, the world’s toughest and most rugged off-road vehicle manufacturer, is ready for the commercial sector with a Terrastorm chassis, a versatile 4×4 all-terrain flat frame chassis ready to carry or convert cargo. The latest product has been released. Recovery Vehicle Place in a flatbed, dropside, or tipper-configured truck. Based on the Volkswagen Crafter / MANTGE 4 Motion chassis, the 4×4 Torsus Terrastorm chassis is powered by the EURO6 2.0 liter by turbo diesel engine offered at 130kW / 177hp and combined with a 6-speed or 8-speed manual. Automatic transmission.

Designed and manufactured at the Torsus production plant in Slovakia, the team applied the expertise gained from the production of the world’s first production off-road bus to design a new ultra-rugged 4×4 Terrastorm chassis flat frame truck. .. The Terrace Tome Chassis, which can be configured with either a single cab or a double cab to transport people and cargo to the world’s most inhabitable places, is reliable and pushes the commercial vehicle sector to new limits.
Designed to deliver goods and supplies through unreachable forests and roadless sand, the Terrastorm chassis is a reliable assistant to farms and forestry and the perfect foundation for further transformation.

  • Mining Site: Ideal for repair and service teams who need to travel in the mining area. The Terrastorm chassis allows heavy equipment and people to be transported to remote locations where heavy equipment may require maintenance or repair.
  • Agriculture: The Terrastorm chassis brings feed stock, fertilizer, and specialty equipment to the fields. The flat frame makes it a versatile platform for building specialized agricultural equipment and carrying it in the roughest terrain.
  • Sightseeing: The bare chassis is suitable for converters looking to build the ultimate all-terrain RV. Terrastorm chassis can safely carry the most creative RV builds to remote parts of the world
  • Emergency Relief: The Terrastorm chassis is also an ideal base for the rapid response of all-terrain emergency service vehicles, such as fire extinguishing activities in forest areas and delivery of medicines to rural areas. Fast-reacting vehicles can get help and assistance where they are most needed.
  • Recovery Truck: Thanks to its powerful winch and versatile flatbed, the Terrastorm chassis becomes the ultimate recovery truck, rescuing vehicles from dunes and swamps and towing and repairing broken vehicles.

This Week’s Photo: Introducing the 4×4 TORSUS Terrastorm Chassis×4-torsus-terrastorm-chassis/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=picture-of-the-week-introducing-the-4×4-torsus-terrastorm-chassis This Week’s Photo: Introducing the 4×4 TORSUS Terrastorm Chassis

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