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Timteo Calidis scored two goals on Sunday when Bowling Green beat Mercy Hurst 3-1 (Photo: Isaiah Basquez).

It would be difficult to call the experience of this college hockey season team “normal”.

But if you look at the bowling green schedule for a typical year, it’s probably not as uncomfortable as any other schedule in the country.

The Falcons, unlike almost every other team in the country, were actually able to play games with non-conference opponents. They are not in a bubble. In addition, the occurrence of COVID-19 has not caused major disruption to the schedule.

As a result, Bowling Green will be 8-1-0 throughout nine games in the first two months of the season. Not too bad, given that some teams haven’t played much this year.

“I think we’re happy with ourselves. BGSU’s Thai Einer coach has a schedule of only teams and meetings in the bubble, with nine plays at this point following the road sweep on Tuesday. I understand that I’m pretty lucky in that I’m not a team. No.16 Quini Piac. “I’m very lucky to have won nine games in a row so far.

“We sought to encourage our team to take advantage of these opportunities as much as possible.”

The Falcons need to start the season against Division III Adrian College in mid-November and play an atypical home-and-home series of hosting a bulldog one weekend before traveling to Michigan six days later. did. Then they played the first home and home leg at Robert Morris (Ohio’s return leg is scheduled for December 29th). They have also done more traditional home and home with Mercyhurst University and Ferris State University, but playing non-conference series against long-standing conference enemies like Feliz is almost conventional. Is not.

“Everyone wants to get back to normal when talking to other coaches across the country, both inside and outside our league,” Etienne said. “The fact that we were able to put together a non-conference schedule isn’t necessarily a regular schedule, but I think it’s good for our team.”

Last weekend’s trip to Quini Piac was the first typical road trip Falcons made this season.

“It was great last weekend because it felt like a real road trip,” Etienne said. The team departed for New Haven, Connecticut on Thursday, staying at a hotel and participating in most of the usual road trip routines, including skating in the morning. They could even have a pre-match meal as usual — Etienne emphasized that it was a bit different because it wasn’t buffet style as usual and was socially distant.

“It was good for us,” he said. “Whenever you can get your team out, get off the bus, get ready for the game, play, and experience them all.

“No one really knew what this year would be like. What does it look like to wear a mask all the time on the bus? What does the test up to the game look like? What will the locker room setup look like? What if I can only enter the link on the other side 2 hours before the game? What does it look like when playing the game when no one is there? The more chances you have to do it, the better. “

Against Quini Piac, the Falcons faced the toughest enemy ever and stepped up the challenge. Four different players (Alex Barber, Taylor Schneider, Even Doherty and Brandon Kruse) scored when Bowling Green won 4-1 on Friday night. On Saturday, the Falcons went down 2-0 in the second early stage, stormed back with four unanswered goals and won 4-2. Once again, four different players scored (Kruse, Gavin Gould, Connor Ford, Tim Theocharidis).

It’s as consistent as the Falcons were aiming for, and they expect with a rich lineup featuring so many repeaters and 10 seniors.

“It certainly helps because they know they trade,” Etienne said. “They understand the standards around here. They know what we are doing and what we are trying to do. They can lead. 8 I didn’t have to swap people’s seniors and both goalkeepers to get people into crazy scenarios. “

After the vacation, the Falcons leave one match against Robert Morris before starting something similar to the regular schedule against the more familiar WCHA enemies.

“Some of our series had to be alternated, due to location and COVID, and due to the arena schedule, not necessarily continuous (games),” Eigner said. .. “I think I’m ready for the second half. I can’t guarantee that, but our guys feel good. They want to practice, practice, practice and play on the weekends. I’m lucky to be able to do that.

“Everyone feels good about where we are now.”

Alaska opts out

One of the news that has been talked about two weeks after we last wrote the column is that Alaska has decided to join Alaska Anchorage and opt out from the 2020-21 season.

The announcement was considerably delayed on December 11th. The WCHA previously stated that the school’s opt-out deadline is November 17th.

“The health and safety of our student athletes is a top priority,” said Dan White, Prime Minister of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Said in a statement.. “Participating in indoor contact sports such as basketball and hockey increases the risk for athletes, trainers and travelers.”

But nonetheless, Nanooks head coach Erik Largen did not stop trying to save the team’s season.Lagen said Fairbanks Daily News-Minor He tried to find some places to set up camps and play in the 48 states of the US mainland, including northern Michigan.Some Nanooks players have also started petition, More than 2,500 people have signed.

Still, the Alaskan administration doesn’t seem to have any plans to reverse their position, and Nanooks won’t play this season.

But Nanooks was able to keep one tradition intact. On December 19th, they continued their annual Teddy Beatos event and were able to move out of the Patty Ice Arena rather than in-game. Nanooks collected 129 teddy bearsAfter that, it was donated to Santa’s helper at Fairbanks.

NMU finally on ice

Northern Michigan Wildcats finally hit the ice last week after the first few weeks of the season were canceled due to COVID-19 complications — with the last WCHA team opting out to start the season. Excluding Alaska Anchorage).

The result was like a mixed bag. Wildcats won the season opener against Ferris State University on Wednesday. This is a high-scoring 5-4 case featuring AJ Vanderbeck’s two goals.Then, on Friday night, NMU played Archive Michigan Technological University in perhaps a more notable overtime thriller. What was said after the game Tech won 4-3 after NMU scored twice for the third time and sent overtime, rather than what actually happened in the game itself. Husky finished the sweep with a 3-1 victory on Saturday.

Currently, both NMU (1-2-0) and Ferris (0-3-0) are playing less games than anyone in WCHA. There are only 3 games each. Bowling Green played the most in nine innings, and Tech (4-3-1) played eight innings.

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This Week’s WCHA Hockey: Bowling Green Play 9 games as “pretty lucky” and “everyone feels good” | College Hockey This Week’s WCHA Hockey: Bowling Green Play 9 games as “pretty lucky” and “everyone feels good” | College Hockey

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