This year may be scary in a good way

The new year has arrived. It was a boring and tragic year like 2020, but it was a great year for video games, with lots of portals for diving and dispelling the misery of the real world. In the future, I think 2021 will have a hard time adjusting to that. (If you’re lucky, we don’t desperately want to escape.) But one area where this year has the best chance of last year is fear. What’s clean, months ahead, is reassuringly flooded with horrifying games, no matter what they have. Let me give you a list of the horrifying reasons to be cheerful.


For those with a passion for biomechanics-essentially the horror of nozzles-Despise It is a cause of excitement. A recent gameplay video depicts a lonely figure with a fossilized bone gun and a squelch door through a corridor that resembles a dark ledge of ribs. Overall, it looks like the alien-designed HR Giger has been unleashed without any intrigue or personality concerns.Sure, it’s hard to tell clearly what’s going on Despise.. And that may be the point. Initially, the game was planned as the first two-part release titled “Dasein”, named after one of the founding concepts of Heidegger’s existential philosophy. Thus, the milky-white monster hanging towards the camera is the only cause of the fear offered, and the other is an invitation to ponder your own existence.

Werewolf: Apocalypse — Blood of the Earth

For those who are worried about over puncture, we will deliver plenty of tremors with two titles scheduled to be released this year. Both are part of the same fictional universe. Both are RPGs. And both are wandering not only by the eerie hordes of colons and dashes, but also by the creatures of the night.Initially Vampire: Masquerade — Pedigree 2, And the second Werewolf: Apocalypse — Blood of the Earth.. The latter is Cyanide Studio ( Call of Cthulhu), And it seems to be mixed with the bittersweet tincture of the B movie. Notice the cardboard-graceful, stiff animation that governs the movement of the game’s lupine hero, Kahal, as he runs through military installations and freely transforms into various hairy shapes. In video games, the werewolf genre is pretty naked, and fans of this genre may be allowed to hank after a game in Cyanade Studios, as if it were a dripping mass of lamb.


Moderate Give us way on January 28th. Its developer is the Bloomer Team Layer of fear, And two things excited me. Both have arrived in the recent trailer. In fact, it arrived within the first minute of the recent trailer. The first is a soundtrack composed by Arcadius Reikowski and Akira Yamaoka, which is rich in industrial screams and gusts. The other is a map mounted on the wall where the heroine comes across, in the gray, empty hotel corridor. It is color-coded, faded and familiar.Yamaoka and map belong Silent Hill, And the influence of the series is floating in the air. What’s more, the game features world-changing mechanics, and each area is available with a hellish makeover. The game’s website has a weird tagline, “I’ve only seen half of it before.” It’s not. I saw even less. I finished the trailer after about 1 minute. Roll back at the end of the month!

Little Nightmares II

the first Little nightmares Notable for stepping on the new, greasy ground. The room and the ghouls who patrolled them had the strange look of Marc Caro’s movie: all the yellow close-ups and huge angles. If my memory of that calm puzzle and platform fades, it comes down to the moment of embracing the horror of being stuck, with bloated limbs and snatching hands, a rubbery face, a pile of shoes and luggage, etc. maybe. The game was set up on a sea ship. The sequel landed and explored the city as a boy with a paper bag on his head. If you’re tired of jump scares and need a soft approach to moldy horror in your heart that cools your childhood sleepless nights, rather than shocks and shocks, I’m February 11th Support yourself for. Little Nightmares II You probably cover it.

Resident Evil Village

The· Resident Evil The series has proven to be highly adaptable over the years. The term “survival horror” applies not only as a symbol of the genre, but also as a description of the ongoing mutations in the series. How far can the formula be infected and re-injected while ensuring that the horror survives? Spies squeezing the traditional doors of early games became enthusiastic about panicked behavior. I punched out a rock and grabbed a light gun. And in 2017 we made a detour in the first person to a swamp in the southern United States. In the meantime, Capcom kept the series fresh (in most cases) (or quite stylishly old to fit the undead theme). Resident Evil Village It’s scheduled to appear at an unspecified time this year, and seems to be playing werewolves, vampires, and biting snow-covered villages. The trailer is the return of long-time hero Chris Redfield, who appears to be maliciously cheating, wrapped in a trench coat, wielding restrained weapons, and supported by mysterious motives in the new game. Is making fun of us. Why he only needs sunglasses now …


Returnal has a stupid title. The trailer shows that astronauts crash land on a catastrophic block of rock, equip laser-powered weapons, and relive the same day over and over again, unleashing the threat of a giant alien. It means you have to kill. They should have called it Ground Hoggsley. It is developed by Housemarque. Resogun And Nex Machina— A sci-fi shooter where the world collapses in a brightly colored voxel shower and the enemy is thrashed as thoroughly as the retina. The new game seems to fuse its phosphorescence into a crumbling dark landscape. “The dark beauty of the declining world around you, brought to life by stunning visual effects, is full of explosive surprises,” the game shop page promises.given that Returns Is for PlayStation 5 only, but I think many of these explosive surprises will hit your wrist via the DualSense controller.

GhostWire: Tokyo

Fear GhostWire: Tokyo Includes headless school girls staggering in the alleys. A faceless man in a suit is carrying a butcher knife in the rain. And what looks like a stack of owned boxes lurking towards us.Game Combat Director Shinichiro Hara (2016 Destiny), The collision is described as “the encounter between karate and magic”. I have to admit mild skepticism. The latest trailer, full of violent violence, couldn’t convince me of the real chills than the first trailer. Still, the developer is Tango Gameworks, Inner evil, And since it was founded by Shinji Mikami, who gave us the genre of survival horror today, it benefits from influence.The best achievement of Teru Mikami Resident Evil 4, And the game rerouted the series towards action, but still retained that horror. This can be described as “a chainsaw meets the neck”.

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