This Year’s Review-Looking Back at Nintendo’s 2020-Special Feature

2020 may have passed most of us to exploiters more or less, but it was a surprisingly powerful year from a gaming perspective.

Of course, Nintendo’s focus on projects in the pipeline of the year in question has become Nintendo’s MO in recent years, so we’re all anxious to hear about the following big future games: Masu Metroid Prime 4 And Breath of the Wild 2I don’t expect to get crunchy details about them until a few months away.

This quiet approach can be frustrating, but this year brought some fun surprises with some great games such as: Paper Mario Origami King And Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster It was announced and released in a relatively short series.

The following articles summarize some of the most important stories and games of 2020 covered by top news and review teams, highlighting the most popular articles and reviews about this long monthly Nintendo Life. Is long Year. (You can check for longer reads in the last 12 months by perusing the selection of Best of 2020 features).

So while you may hesitate to go down the recent memory lane, we promise that this summary for 2020 will include: Almost positive memories. That said, there are some negative points to touch on. We try not to live.

Now let’s tie it up and look back on the turbulent 12 months.

January-Pokemon Direct, Bileless Direct, but no “appropriate” Direct

Pokemon Direct January 2020Pokemon Company

Looking at Nintendo’s 2020 slate, Brain training Early this year, Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Angkor in mid-January, delayed Animal Forest Coming in March … and many others are not on the horizon. While many were hungry for full-fat Nintendo Direct (which you wouldn’t really see all year round), January Pokemon Direct revealed details around the Sword & Shield Expansion Path. , Pokemon HOME, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX In addition, we are back in the Galal National Dex with over 200 expanded Mon letters.

Elsewhere, Beleth was revealed as the fifth DLC fighter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bethesda’s retro DOOM (and as well as the all-new Fighters Pass) has received an essential purchase update for Lip and Tierer. Masahiro Sakurai revealed that he played so many PlayStation games in 2019. Later this year, paper mario games and 2D Metroid games appeared (of course, the latter is still waiting), and Hideki Kamiya started this year in a great way with his opinion on Switch Home Menu (Switch fans , I decided to mock up my theme and folder ideas).

The January game included some great ones Kentucky Route Zero: TV version, Also excellent 198X, And triple bonds-excellent To the moon..

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February-Waiting for the big ones next month, the amazing 101 is back …

Wonderful 101© PlatinumGames

The same leaker who mentioned the release of Paper Mario diagonally referred to plans for a 2020 holiday release that included “tires.” Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit It will be released in November.PlatinumGames made fun of Wonderful 101: Remaster Just before the official announcement, Nintendo was bullish on future competition with next-generation consoles. By pointing his finger towards Nintendo, Sakurai responded to the accusation that there were too many Fire Emblem characters in Smash.

Elsewhere, I wondered where in the world Pikmin 4 was and NL readers voted for their favorite Pokemon Star (some predictable results!). The details of Animal Crossing were so exciting that people were angry at the lack of Nintendo Direct, The witcher 3 On Switch got an impressive update, and the story of Nintendo’s customer support going beyond Tetris’ older fans gave us all the warm fuzzy.

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March-Dear old favorites reappear in ticks


As the event began to be postponed, adapted, or canceled, the significance of the global situation that would dominate the rest of the year began to become apparent. We got an indie world showcase. Nintendo’s PlayStation was sold at auction. Nintendo broke the legal path with the ongoing Joy-Con drift blunder, and everyone and their dog were trying to get it. Ring Fit Adventure The game event calendar was hit hard as E3 2020 was canceled three months after the scheduled June slot prior to the blockade.

But in the game world, it wasn’t all bad news. March foretold an important and highly welcome return of old favorites around these parts: Of course, we mention the resurrection of our beloved sister site, the Pure Xbox. Nice to meet you, old friend.

In other news, Nintendo has put out a random little life simulation that does pottery about what you do nothing.All eyes followed, except for those on other platforms that were in DOOM Eternal, And even those, were sometimes distracted by the fun Doomguy / Isabel fan art and memes.

Yes, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will dominate the news cycle for months, supported by its splendor and the global situation in which millions of people find comfort and flee to Nuuk’s escape island. Will be. Animated islands full of creatures, the ability to poop, Isabel and Doom Slayer-Animal Crossing provides.

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April-Blockade, review bombing, and return to Streets of Rage

Angry Street 4Dotemu

The heat of Animal Crossing was taken over and people were busy demonstrating their talents with incredible island projects and custom designs (and lamented Bunny Day). The beginning of April was also full of customary pranks, Super Mario Maker 2 After receiving the “final” update, thousands of Nintendo Accounts were reported to have been compromised, and Lord of the Rings stars and the all-purpose egg Elijah Wood randomly visited on the Internet to whiplash turnips.

Numerous summer 2020 online presentations have been announced to fill the void left by the cancellation of E3 2020. Japan’s rating agency CERO was temporarily shut down as the world responded to COVID-19, but Nintendo’s biggest release this year is to make the Financial Times top page in all the cool pandemic news. So, the article that I couldn’t stop making headlines.

When it comes to games, Jupiter put out its 472nd Picross Title, Manna Trials Sam Barlow continued to push the boundaries of the FMV detective genre by delivering the beloved and long-lost RPG classic to the West in a rethought-out 3D format. to lie, And Dotemu, Guard Crush Games, Lizardcube brought us back in the 90’s with a brilliant retro revival. Angry Street 4..

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May-Animal Crossing Mania Announces Surprise to Grab the Earth

Nintendo posted and revealed some very healthy sales Paper Mario Origami King Scheduled to be released in July. The service of Nintendo Switch Online was expanded with four more titles, rumors of Pikmin 3 spread, and the company was hit by a large leak of development materials.

However, the news was dominated by Animal Crossing, as it exceeded Nintendo’s lifetime sales forecast in the first six weeks of the game’s launch. Toomnouk grabbed the spirit of the times with his throat and did not let go. Gary Witta’s Animal Talking Chat Show captivated giant celebrities, artists who rethink characters as humans, players who abuse glitches before the patch was applied, and even those who wrote sea bass jokes. He got tired of it. I admit that I have come.

Elsewhere, Pac-Man turns 40 and Indivisible Sneak into SwitcheShop without the developer’s knowledge, Xenoblade Chronicle: Definitive Edition Released at the end of the month.

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June-Island of Armor, Clubhouse Games, Lego Mario, and, of course, Animal Crossing

51 Worldwide ClassicsNintendo

The broadcast of Pokemon Presents (actually, the second was like a damp squib, but the first two) accompanied the release of the first Armor Island DLC. Pokemon Sword and Shield It also revealed hosts for new Pokemon-related games and products (including). New Pokemon Snap). People were a little confused about which DLC to buy, but the expansion itself was pretty good.

In other news, Min Min was revealed as the next smash fighter, followed by Joy-Con Drift Saga, the opening of Super Nintendo World was postponed to 2021, with some relief from supply constraints that hindered Switch production, Nintendo and Lego. Lifted the lid their Super Mario collaboration.

Fans decided to create their own direct presentation. Moon Studios, the developer of Ori, has abandoned the scent of Switchport. Will of Wisps, EarthBound At the age of 25 in the United States, Sega unveiled an incredibly cute (and totally useless) Game Gear Micro. And Animal Crossing continued to rampage throughout the news desk, with many brands jumping into Nuuk’s bandwagon.

Nintendo Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classic Landed on Switch in June, as well as free downloadable titles Skipping rope challenge Helps keep you active during lockdown.Contains other notable releases XCOM 2, Bioshock: Collection And that Borderlands Legendary Collection..

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