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Fred VanVleet, Scottie Barnes, and Toronto Raptors It was a very disappointing loss, and it’s refreshing to have a bulldozer on my rival Celtics. After losing three times in a row, he was about to be attacked by his rivals Philadelphia 76ers Given the depth of their team and their three-point shooting skills.

After a slow start, Toronto pulled their way home to take the lead in the fourth quarter. Following the last stanza before and after featuring some lead changes, it was Toronto who finally hit the clutch shot needed to break the streak late.

Toronto is a division rival and has won 115-109 against one of the best teams at the conference. Indeed, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons didn’t play in this game. It does not change the fact that the Raptors won in a hostile environment on the second night. Pascal Siakam.

The Raptors seemed to wilt after a rough defense in the first half, but thanks to this outstanding trio of performers, they were able to defeat the powerful 76ers.


Toronto Raptors


Philadelphia 76ers


Fred VanVleet was the leader of the Toronto Raptors tonight.

In the first half, VanVleet continued to attack and appeared to be the only player to earn a salary. Toronto returned to VanVleet when the push began to pierce the clutch. VanVleet wrote his best personal show of the season.

VanVleet scored 32 points, reduced 6 rebounds and recorded 7 assists. VanVleet struck a dagger in the fourth second half, which sealed the fate of Philadelphia. VanVleet isn’t always perfect this season, but he’s starting to ditch. This is a worrying idea for the rest of the east.

Scottie Barnes and Chris Boucher played well in the Toronto Raptors.

Just as the 76ers seemed to pull the Raptors apart and make them feel embarrassed Rookie Stud Burns I was able to make the aggressive glass feel his presence. 13 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists may sound like a quiet night, but Burns’ late performance was simply sublime.

Burns not only played almost every defensive position he could imagine, but also caused turnovers and created some stunning passes. Burns also refused a driving layup by Tobias Harris, who struck the last nail in the Philadelphia casket.

Chris Boucher Although he seemed to lose in the last few games, his match against Philadelphia provided the quality that fans expected of him last year. Boucher scored 17 points, more than the sum of the last five games, and scored six rebounds. If he gets back on track, that would be great news for this bench.

Breakout Two-way Stud Gary Trent Jr. It’s also worth mentioning his 20-point game. Three of these points were clutch triples that put Toronto in front forever.

The Raptors didn’t look like themselves to Boston, but Nick Nurse seemed to be able to awaken his team and win in very difficult situations. Toronto is about to begin a long road trip on the west coast, so they need all the momentum they can get.

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Three biggest stars of a promising victory over 76ers Three biggest stars of a promising victory over 76ers

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