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Julius Randle’s name has been frequently appearing in potential trade rumors these days, after being unable to impress during his first season at the New York Knicks.

The summer of 2019 was not kind New York Knicks.. Recruiting their free agents as the league’s top superstars eventually chose another destination after failing to secure their first pick in the NBA Draft, despite the low 17 franchise wins of the season. Became meaningless.

After all, the front office decided to swing at Julius Randle, A player apparently brought in as a last resort to bring home some of the money that the Kristaps Porzingis deal opened for Knicks.

Randall’s 2019-20 campaign wasn’t bad, to be honest, with a little more hope from the University of Kentucky tycoon. After the best year of his career at New Orleans Pelican in 2018-19, many thought Randall would approach the all-star shape, but he didn’t.

Randall’s first season with Knicks can be completely summarized by simply pressing play video. Yes, this video is 5 days old.

As a result of his mediocre performance, the men at headquarters did not hesitate to choose Obitoppin for the eighth pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. The very low availability of Toppin was a surprise to many and a blessing to the Knicks community.

As expected, Tom Thibodeau is now facing a tough dilemma. Play with the best players at the highest price, with little potential for improvement at the moment, or build around a very promising and much cheaper draft outlook.

The answer to this question is still unknown, but I can be confident that the two cannot coexist. Randall will slow down the development of the obi, the latter will hurt Randall’s future free agent stock.

If this decision was up to New York Knicks fans, Randall should definitely go. Let’s take a look at some trading partners that may be better suited for Randall than Knicks.

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Three blockbuster deals including Julius Randle Three blockbuster deals including Julius Randle

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