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Three Cheap Canadian Stocks You Can Buy Now Before The Dividend Expiration Date!

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Motley Fool investors are looking for safe stocks high and low in this volatile market. The TSX Today, many of those options don’t seem to exist today.After a sharp fall this week, TSX began to rise, but news from the U.S. only lost some of these profits. Federal Reserve.. Or I should say, lack of news.

This puts investors in an unstable position when it comes to investing. They want cheap Canadian stocks and also want a guaranteed income. And they want it now! So today, we’ll look at three of these stocks that will have an ex-dividend date next week. Therefore, you can receive it shortly before the deadline and confirm your payment in just a few weeks.

Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal (TSX: BMO)(NYSE: BMO) The ex-dividend date is January 31, 2022. Therefore, you must be a registered shareholder on this date to take advantage of the next dividend. The dividend will be paid on February 28, 2022.

BMO stocks are a powerful option for those looking for It’s cheap Canadian stock is one of the Big Six Banks. Banks, including BMOs, continue to perform well during the volatility of this market at today’s TSX. It continues to trade cheaply with a profit of 12.54 hours, but it is still trading near the highest ever. This is because banks are protected and BMO stocks will recover as the economy continues to grow.

In addition, BMO raised its dividend by $ 0.27, up 25% from the previous dividend. Motley Fool investors are now able to take advantage of it at a consensus target price that offers a yield of 3.64% and a potential increase of 6%.


Another cheap Canadian stock to consider Emera (TSX: EMA).. The ex-dividend date for Emera shares is January 31, 2022, and dividends are also available. The dividend will be credited to your account by February 15, 2022.

Emera has also recently increased its dividends and is one of the cheapest Canadian stocks to consider before making a profit. The company remains strong as one of the utilities with a diverse portfolio of energy options. Analysts like it for its attractive value based on future growth as a pure utility company.

Emera stocks are just below analysts’ target prices and record highs. Still, long-term investors may see it grow further as renewable energy projects become available. Now you can grab it with a dividend yield of 2.47%.

Canadian utilities

Finally, the last cheap Canadian stock I recommend is Canadian utilities (TSX: CU).. The company’s ex-dividend date is February 1, 2022, taking advantage of the recently reconfirmed dividend. The dividend will be paid on March 1, 2022.

As mentioned, Canada’s utility stock recently reaffirmed a quarterly dividend of $ 0.44.And like Emera, it continues to be a strong utility company for the long-term Motley Fool. Investor With today’s TSX. Analysts call the company “underestimated” based on its growth potential and revenue flow. This is due to the company’s expansion into unregulated renewable energy projects and offers discounts in markets that are likely to be unfair.

Canadian Utilities has a flexible balance sheet that allows you to continue to grow through investments and acquisitions. At the time of writing you can pick it up with a dividend yield of 4.91%.

Three Cheap Canadian Stocks You Can Buy Now Before The Dividend Expiration Date! Three Cheap Canadian Stocks You Can Buy Now Before The Dividend Expiration Date!

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