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Phoenix Suns knows nothing about unvaccinated players, unavailable talents, or annoying variations between three-headed monsters and two-headed monsters. However, the title-loving Brooklyn Nets continues to dismiss Kyrie Irving from the team until it complies with state health and safety regulations, and is currently addressing all of these factors. I’m aware of.

Still, the net still looks scary. Kevin Durant Those who refuse to call themselves the best players in the league appear to be ridiculous with an average of 29.3 points, 8.4 rebounds and 5.2 assists per game, shooting ridiculous 58% off the field.

James Harden struggled in the first few games of the season, rehabing his hamstring, Adapt to new league rulesBut now, I look back on his previous self. In the last five games he has performed two triple-doubles and 39 points against the New Orleans Pelican.

Brooklyn holds 9-4 records that have led to the top spots of the Eastern Conference. This reflects the team’s unparalleled talent from top to bottom.

Nets definitely wants Irving back as soon as possible. His return almost guarantees them a trip to the NBA Finals. But unfortunately, that may never happen, and as the nets are skyrocketing without their uncle Drew, they tend to quickly reduce their losses and deal with him. You may feel it.

Sands doesn’t have to be irving for “Point God” Chris Paul to attack, but he can still take the backseat and participate in trade negotiations, but with his own minor upgrades to drive the trade away. Useful for.

Sands, acting as an intermediary to break the Nets chain and help another team land Irving, can rock things with these three deals.

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Three deals to participate in Kyrie Irving sweepstakes Three deals to participate in Kyrie Irving sweepstakes

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