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Three dynamics that shape Europe’s promising prospects

The T. Rowe Price European Select Equity Strategy has been a strong performer in volatile markets since its debut two years ago. We believe that most of the explanation for this success comes down to three important factors. Innovation-focused investment philosophies and processes, and leveraging the investment edge provided by high-quality in-house research. Lessons learned from implementing and testing our approach. And the opportunities offered by large and complex markets.

As the strategy enters its third year, the three dynamics will be seen as shaping the outlook for European equity space and in-space opportunities.

  • A region rich in innovation and destruction
  • The cutting edge of sustainability
  • Changes in the market cycle

Europe is full of innovation and destruction

Our aim is to identify, fully understand and support high quality growth companies that are innovators, disruptors and to the right of change, with quality that does not know national or regional boundaries.

Innovation is not the protection of the United States or Asia. This is probably the view that has been favored by the rise of FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Alphabet) and the outstanding performance of the last decade. Europe is perceived to be plagued by mostly traditional businesses and dysfunctional banks, and in fact, the number of state-of-the-art manufacturers and disruptive healthcare and information technology companies is increasing. I am.

The innovation theme is central to building a centralized portfolio within Europe Select. Here are some examples of top investments:

  • ASML Holding monopolizes next-generation high-end lithography tools (EUV machines) for semiconductor manufacturers. They will adopt this new machine to increase the number of transistors on the chip and power cutting-edge applications.
  • Siemens is a global industrial company operating in the electricity and gas, digital factories, process industries, and the renewable energy market benefiting from the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Lonza Group, a leading pharmaceutical company contract manufacturer and Swiss company with a competitive advantage in the rapidly expanding field of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Teleperformance is a global customer experience provider that has become an integral part of the fast-growing digital economy.

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Three dynamics that shape Europe’s promising prospects Three dynamics that shape Europe’s promising prospects

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