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The New Orleans Pelican tries to keep rolling against the Miami Heat on Christmas Day.

The· New Orleans Pelican Record an impressive victory over the Toronto Raptors and try to build that momentum against the Miami Heat in the first game scheduled for Christmas Day.

Pelicans used the efforts of the entire team to overcome the tough Toronto team and overcome their mistakes.

Brandon Ingram In the second half, he countered Toronto’s excellent defense, facilitated the attack, almost won the first triple-double, and finished with 24 points, 11 assists and 9 rebounds.

Pers tried to hit the ball low early on, but as Toronto packed the lane, Pers changed plans and flew out of the three-point range.

They may have to adopt a similar strategy for the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat is also very defensive.

Heat will lose to Magic and will be eager to enter the winning line. This is the match that determines the game.

New Orleans Pelican: Major matches against the Miami Heat

Matchup # 1

Eric Bledsoe vs. Goran Dragic

Eric Bledsoe made a great start to his career at Pelican It was one of the keys to winning Toronto.

He shot a timely three-pointer, leaving Pelican in the match in the first half and playing a great defense all night, which was a dire situation for Fred VanVleet.

Bledsoe was able to limit the intrusion from the Raptor guard and settle for a three-point shot, but stopped hitting in the second half.

He has to do the same thing as Dragic. Dragic can get out of the bench and face Bledsoe in the second unit.

Dragic is an engine that moves heat in different ways, so it’s important to prevent him from reaching the rim. Dragic is a much better shooter than VanVleet, but Bledsoe has to use jumpers instead of taking shots at the rim.

This would be another good test for Bledsoe and Lonzo Ball trying to play well against the Raptors and shut down the heat guard.

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Three major matches vs Miami Heat Three major matches vs Miami Heat

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