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Manchester City extended their lead to 4 points when they beat Leeds 7-0, but Liverpool came back just one point behind Thursday night’s victory.

The media reports this as another simple regulatory victory on the part of Jurgen Klopp.

Looking at the overall statistics after the last whistle, they support that kind of report.

Liverpool had a 74% ownership, 23-4 shots, 8-2 target efforts and 11-0 corner counts.

But important moments and goals changed the game, and there were certainly moments in last night’s game.

Yes, Liverpool may have been willing to win … but Shelvey gave Newcastle a 7-minute lead, and the homeside wasn’t really threatening until it all turned to 21 minutes. ..

In the Liverpool corner from the left, a group of players gathered at the end of a 6-yard box, two Newcastle players fell to the ground, and Isaac Hayden stayed there and lay flat on the ground.

Despite Hayden lying still, he was allowed to continue playing and the ball eventually turned to the right of Liverpool. The ball crossed in towards where the Newcastle player was still lying, and the ball reached Jota. This behavior is all happening in the few yards of Isaac Hayden, which is still stuck.

Given the goal, Liverpool equalization, Mike Dean finally signaled someone to come and see if Isaac Hayden was okay.

There are three important questions to consider.

Should Liverpool stop playing / throw the ball?

Did Isaac Hayden really suffer a head injury?

Should Mike Dean quit the game so Hayden could get the attention right away?

In order…

No, I don’t blame Liverpool players. If that was the opposite, I would have wanted 100% Newcastle to continue scoring. It wasn’t their call.

No one knows if Hayden suffered a head injury, but it is the same in all these cases. If someone collapses after a challenge, doesn’t stand up, or lies down, no one knows for sure either way. Whether the Newcastle midfielder could subsequently show that he had suffered an occipital injury is irrelevant when talking about whether to stop playing at that point.

So, finally, should Mike Dean blow the whistle and stop playing so that Isaac Hayden could be seen as soon as possible? Absolutely he should, there is no doubt about it. Currently, whenever this scenario occurs in a Premier League match, the referee will stop playing with the welfare of the player as the highest priority. Mike Dean says he thought Hayden was lying there because he hurt his back instead of his head. He is wasted as a referee and should be the NHS top star instead. He can completely confidently rule out head injuries from 20 yards away. It’s a complete joke. The question is always, what are the norms of Premier League games that referees play when this type of incident occurs? The simple answer is that the game is usually stopped every other time, the player’s health is paramount, and treatment is granted as soon as possible in case this is serious. Mike Dean didn’t do what was expected or the standard. In the process, he looked back at the match for Liverpool and wondered what happened to Newcastle United …

Statistics from BBC Sport:

Liverpool 3 Newcastle 1 – Thursday, December 8thafternoon

(Half-time statistics in parentheses)



Jota 21, Sara 25, Alexander Arnold 87


Shelvey 7

Possession Liverpool 74% (77%) Newcastle 26% (23%)

Total shot Liverpool 23 (12) Newcastle 4 (2)

Target shot Liverpool 8 (6) Newcastle 2 (2)

corner Liverpool 11 (6) Newcastle 0 (0)

Referee: Mike Dean

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Manquillo, Schar, Lascelles, Lewis (Ritchie 15), Hayden, Murphy, Shelvey, Fraser (Willock 87), Saint-Maximin (Wilson 79), Joelinton

Unused submarine:

Darlow, Hendrick, Gale, Longstaff, Almiron, Clark

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Three questions to ask about the controversial case of winning the Liverpool match against Newcastle United Three questions to ask about the controversial case of winning the Liverpool match against Newcastle United

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