Three Reasons That Can Affect How You Motivate Yourself Forever Choosing a Brain

Imagine your motive is a person.

And to motivate you, I think they whisper things in your ears, cheer you up and be productive:

  • “You can do it!
  • “What should I do!”
  • “Keep it going!”

These are pretty typical of what you think will motivate yourself. But you have to wonder … does any of that “aggression” really work?

I’ve been in the world of self-improvement for over 14 years and have tried it all. And if I’m honest … Aggression never did much for me.

Not only does it make you feel like you’re doing something temporarily rewarding, but it’s rarely motivated for more than a few minutes. Then it wears out and I go back to the square. If you’re lucky, you’ll have enough momentum to get the job done.

But in many cases, it’s a loss of positivity, and it’s pure will and discipline that drives me forward. And I don’t have to tell you how annoying it is to rely on them.

So does it make sense to continue with such a “motivational” strategy? After all, it’s a popular and reputable tactic, so you have to force it until it works, right? I had to say that I don’t think so. No matter how popular something is or how much you “want” for an idea, if a motivational tactic doesn’t reach your goal, there’s only one thing to do with it. That is to give up.

I know this works the opposite of what many people say online … but if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work. So I’ll do it well for you-the following are motivational insights, a little off the road, and many don’t like or agree with them. But now that you’ve reached this point, it’s dangerous that they’re just above your alley.

please look:

1. The universe is unfair and doesn’t care about your success

It’s hard to swallow, but it’s very easy to check. From the top of your head, rattle a few things about your life that you want to change – I go first:

1. I wish I were in good physical condition

2. I want to make more money

3. I wish I had more charisma

etc. To be honest, I didn’t have to think about these three. But from the pure fact that I don’t have them now, from the fact that it takes work, time, and patience to get them … the universe (luck to get them) It’s clear that talent didn’t bless me) (the one with hard work and no luck) probably doesn’t care much about me.

And I hate to say that, but it probably treats you (and everyone else in existence) the same. Some people were lucky enough to be born with money, looks, and abilities … but even those people feel lacking in at least one thing in life, and I find it hard to get them too. Bet

(After all, you can’t buy everything with money, you can’t attract everyone by appearance, and talent doesn’t guarantee success.)

2. Need moves the world (and not love, happiness, or greed)

If you’ve ever wondered what your ultimate motive is, this is your answer.

People want to do something in life only if they have to. So basically, if a person’s life is at stake, or if their livelihood is at stake (that is, income, social life, or lifestyle in general) … only then is the motivation to act. Can be “found”.

One can act from love. But they are afraid that there is no recipient of love in their lives. One can act to achieve the source of happiness. But they are afraid of being unhappy in the first place. And one can act, for example, to satisfy financial desires. But they are afraid of not having money in the first place (or even being judged because they have no money).

Well, alarm before you raise “I don’t agree!”, You’ll probably want to read the next insight as well.

3. People are rarely motivated to act toward their goals because they believe they can reach them.

Think about the repetitive situations that are common in life.

  1. People choose Netflix over going to the gym
  2. People choose junk food over healthy snacks
  3. People stay up late on Youtube to get a good night’s sleep

These things always happen and for everyone alive. But take this into account-do you think you would choose Netflix, even if it costs $ 100 each time to choose Netflix over Jim?

Or do you eat that junk food over healthy foods, even if you add 15 pounds (very noticeable) to your gut as soon as you eat that junk food?

No, of course not. But the problem is that none of these things happen when you make a bad decision. There is no direct impact on these behaviors. To make matters worse, the human tendency is to do the easiest and most satisfying thing if there is a chance. Therefore, we are “already” leaning towards the worst possible option in the first place.

Now, after considering all these ideas, it’s arguing that most people use aggressiveness (and other common motivational methods) when people aren’t specifically designed for it. Isn’t it strange? After all, say “I can do it!” After a long and painful day, it doesn’t make much sense and I feel solid. The amount of positivity never changes it.

A much more powerful way is to find a small and acceptable way to “punish” yourself for choosing a bad task over a good one. Imagine losing “really” cash every time you watch Netflix … Wouldn’t it add enough stings to stop you from pampering? Grab your spouse and family and make it happen. You can even have them record you whenever you’re lazy and even upload them to social media with captions that “damage” your reputation. Who would you like to see as lazy, even if you did it seriously? Just thinking about it is more powerful (probably not) than if people really care about it.

But still, these “small” punishments are powerful. And because people hate being robbed of money and don’t want to be judged by “low integrity” movements (such as being seen as lazy or other unwanted traits) … start there. For example, it greatly contributes to motivation and productivity.

It’s always my experience this way. And even better, I’m much more productive and motivated, which allows me to reach my goals. And I feel it will do exactly the same for you.

Ericson Ay Mires

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3 Little-Known Reasons That Could Affect How You Motivate Yourself Forever

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