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Here are three reasons why the Seahawks will beat the Forty-niners in the 17th week:

The· Seattle Seahawks It’s 11-4, exactly the same record Seattle did in the 17th week of last year. And as in 2019, the Seahawks will end the season by playing the San Francisco 49ers. However, this time around, the outcome of the game does not determine the NFC West champion. Seattle has already clinched it.

But if Seattle wins on Sunday and both New Orleans Saints and the Green Bay Packers lose, Seattle will be NFC’s number one seed and the Seahawks can enjoy something. And here are three reasons why they beat the 49ers.

Russell Wilson

Well, this isn’t a surprise, is it? But let’s make things a reality too.The reason Seattle has won some games lately is more than how well the defense is playing. Russell Wilson.. Seattle has won five of the last six games, during which Wilson has won ten touchdown passes against three intercepts, four of these TDs against Jets in the 14th week. It was a victory in.

However, Wilson hasn’t thrown more than 263 yards since week 9, so the attack isn’t working as well as it was at the beginning of the season. However, with the support of Chris Carson and Rashard Penny against the 49ers, who were smashed in the secondary in the 17th week, Wilson played a great match with four TD passes, three of which went to the DK Metcalf.

Pass rush

Good, when was the last time I could write that one of the reasons Seattle intended to win the match was because of Pass Rush. Seattle has 34 sack in the last nine games, and unlike the 49ers in the eighth week, when Seattle had three sack, the Seahawks will have Carlos Dunlap and Jamal Adams available. Seattle will receive 7 sack on Sunday.


The Forty-niners are a well-educated team and will play hard in the 17th week, but There will be many good players.. Seattle knows that by winning, they can aim for the number one seed. In addition, I think the Seahawks are starting to feel that they can do a deep plan in the playoffs. Teams that really think about how to do that can easily beat the injured 49ers team.

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Three reasons the Seahawks beat the 49ers in the 17th week Three reasons the Seahawks beat the 49ers in the 17th week

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