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Detroit, Michigan – March 29: Toronto Raptors Head Coach Nick Nurse (Photo courtesy of Nic Antaya / Getty Images)

NS Toronto Raptors For almost a decade, he was the dominant team in the NBA’s Eastern Conference and Atlantic Division. Since 2013, the Raptors have participated in the playoffs seven times in a row, won the Atlantic Division six times, and participated in two Eastern Conference Finals to win the championship.

They were the Eastern Conference playoff fixtures until this past season, when they missed the NBA Playoffs for the first time in eight years. This off-season has made a big difference to the Raptors’ roster. The most important moves are the departure of Kyle Lowry and the addition of Scottie Barnes.

Two years after the NBA title, the Raptors will run disappointingly this season.

Toronto’s Atlantic Division rivals are expected to outpace them again in the rankings. At least we’ll face it directly, but this doesn’t necessarily apply to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Philadelphia performed well in 2021 and won 49 out of 72 games, winning the Atlantic Division title and the best regular season record for the Eastern Conference. However, all the hype to Philadefia in recent years has never been embodied in the execution of a deep playoff.

2021/22 could be a year away from the Eastern Conference pack as a competitor, but some issues make it difficult to beat the Raptors in competitive games.

Three ways the Toronto Raptors can win some games against the 76ers.

3. Coaching staff

Nick Nurse, head coach of the Raptors, was a huge success early in his coaching career.Replacement of former long-term head coach Dwane Casey In 2018, the nurse led the Raptors to the rookie season championship. The team was unable to do two consecutive ECFs in 2020 after the second round of the Classic Series vs. Boston.

This past season with the team has been evacuated in Florida due to the serious impact of the COVID-19 protocol and pandemic on the team. in addition, Some assistant coaches left For other occasions before the season.

Nevertheless, the nurse proved his quality by keeping everyone together. Doc Rivers is a potential Hall of Fame, but he has drawbacks.

Is Dock Rivers’ prime as head coach over?

The Rivers have replaced Brett Brown as head coach of the 76ers this past season. They had a good regular season but couldn’t move beyond the second round of the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year. Rivers played twice in the final and won once, despite “Chalk artist.”

I think basketball is the most “player-driven” league of all professional sports, but you should always blame your talent on the court before paying attention to your coach staff … (Rivers) is the guy who just made a little of his own name as one of the worst “chokers” in professional basketball.

The Nurse and Raptors have a one-on-one advantage over Philadelphia this season, especially in the clutch, from a purely schematic perspective and due to other issues testing Rivers leadership in Philadelphia. There is a possibility.

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Three reasons Toronto was able to play against the 76ers and win Three reasons Toronto was able to play against the 76ers and win

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